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The most significant statement of Christian doctrine
Faith, Mosaic Law, baptism, salvation
Usually considered the most difficult of the epistles
1 corinthians
Lawsuits, division, marriage, example
Highlights the blessedness of Christ
Position of believers in Christ
Highlights how Christians are to minister to one another
1 Corinthians
Deals with love, the Christian way
1 Corinthians
Written to correct problems in the local church
1 Corinthians
God's people are to be righteous
1 Corinthians
Deals with lawsuits, division, marriage, and Christian example
2 Corinthians
Discusses the significance of Christian giving
2 Corinthians
Paul's autobiography
2 Corinthians
Ministry of reconciliation
Draws Christians away from legalism and license
Encourages Christian liberty
Christian Freedom
Explains faith, Mosaic Law, baptism, forgiveness and salvation
The preeminence of Christ
Christians are told to be joyful in spite of their circumstances
The key word is rejoice
Shows Christ as the exalted head of the church
Very Similar to Ephesians
1 Thessalonians
a tutor for the new christian
2 Thessalonians
Written to encourage Christians who were being persecuted
2 Thessalonians
Contains much information about future events
1 Timothy
A How to book for the local church
1 Timothy
A Handbook for ministers and congregations
Very similar to 1 Timothy
2 Timothy
Paul's farewell
Written about Onesimus
Written to a slave owner about his runaway slave
The Christian and slavery
Written about Onesimus
Highlights how Christians should minister to one another
What is theme of Luke
Jesus of Nazareth is the savior of all
What examples does Luke use to emphasize his concern for the Non-Jew/Gentile?
- Roman Centurion
- Good Samaritan
- Traces Geneology to Adam
Who is the book addressed to?
Theophilus ("Lover of God")
What is the companion book to Luke?
What are the differences in the genealogy tracings in Matthew and Luke?
Matthew goes through Joseph to Abraham, Luke goes through Mary to Adam
How many parables are in Luke? How many are peculiar to Luke?
22; 17
What personal information do we know about Luke?
- Gentile
- Medical Doctor
- With Paul in Roman captivity
- With Paul during his death
What are some descriptive terms and phrases which describe the gospel?
- Historical
- Artistic
- Detailed
- Highest-quality writing
- Aimed at Greek audience
- Shows Jesus as Savior of all men
What are characteristics of Luke's gospel?
- Joyful
- Thanksgiving
- Pardon & Redemption
- Sympathy and Healing
How may one summarize the subject of Luke?
Jesus the Son of Man and relevant to all men
How do the synoptic gospels portray Jesus?
- Matthew: King of Jews
- Mark: Suffering Servant
- Luke: Savior of all mankind
What are the four main sections of Luke
- Birth of John and Jesus
- Preparation of Ministry
- Ministry
- Death and Resurrection
What is the subtitle given to the book?
Jesus a servant, a man of action
What was Mark's purpose in writing the book?
Clear explanation of Jesus's works and prove Romans
Who was Mark's audience?
Who was Mark's audience?
What all describes the picture of Jesus that Mark presents?
Jesus was a man of action and his willingness to die for others
What purpose did the apostles fulfill?
- Witness of Jesus
- Herolds - Announcers of Kingdom
- Preformed miracles to confirm the word
What definitions are given the term "apostle"?
- One who acts under authority
- Special ambassador of Jesus
What are the four main sections of Mark?
- Preperation of servant
- Servant's ministry in Galilee
- Ministry in Jerusalem
- Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Servant
What is the thought in the key verse of Mark?
Son of man came to serve.
Who wrote the most New Testament books? How many?
Who wrote the most New Testament books? How many?
Who was referred to as "The Less"? Why?
James (Son of Alpheus); Younger than the other one
Who are the sons of Zebedee?
James and John
Who was the last apostle chosen?
How was Matthias chosen?
casted lots
What does Boanerges mean?
Who was a twin?
Who two apostles likely did not die a martyr's death?
Judas and John
Who introduced Bartholomew to Jesus?
Who was also called Nathanael?
Who was referred to by the most names?
Which apostles might have been relatives to Jesus?
James and John
Jesus as messiah, Holy spirit as guide, new covenant in effect, salvation through jesus, gospels for all
concepts in acts
What is the key verse
Where was the gospel spread
jerusalem, judea and samaria, uttermost parts of world
Where is the base of the church in first 12 chapters
base of gentiles 13-28