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A type of goverment in which a small group of citizens control desion-making


A goverment ruled by a king or queen


A system of goverment in which citizens vote to make goverment desions


a form of goverment in which citizens elect repenizes to speak and act for them


A form of government in which a single individual who uses aboustle power in cruel ways


starting in Europe around A.D 800 a system for organizing and govering soctiey based on the land and service

absoulte monarchy

a form of goverment headed by a ruler or monarch with unlimited power

constitutnal monarchy

A monarchy in which the powers of the ruler are restricted to those granted under the constitution and laws of the nation.


A government in which a single ruler is vested with absolute power.


an ecomonmic and potical system based on a collective of goverment ownership and control resorces and ownership


a system in which goverment owns all property and makes nearly all descisions for its citizens


a goverment in which a dictator or a small group of leaders control all the aspects of peoples lives

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