Barnitz vocab lesson 11 w/ sentences


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full of intense passion or zeal
The governor's campaign oratory inspired _________ support.
1. bubbling up from a liquid
Carbonated liquids are naturally ______________

2. Very excited; bubbling over with high spirits
_______________ throngs cheered in 1989 when they saw the Berlin Wall begin to crumble after separating East and West Germany for twenty-eight years
a large and destructive fire
Despite the 1988 ________________ that blackened thousands of acres in Yellowstone National Park, abundant green shoots appeared the following spring
shockingly evident; outrageously conspicuous
Amnesty International is an organization that draws attention to _____________ violations of human rights around the world
1) arousing strong emotion, esp. anger or hostility
2) pertaining to redness, swelling, or pain following an infection or injury
When bees sting they inject an _______________ - sometimes even deadly - substance
colored or decorated in a showy way; having a showy appearance or manner
_____________ revelers at carnival in Rio de Janeiro have a last fling before the austerity of Lent, the forty days ending Easter
1. designed or intended to cause a fire
Kurt Vonnegut's satirical novel Slaughterhouse Five attacks the _________________ bombing of Dresden by Allied forces that killed thousands and decimated a city known for its art and architectural treasures

2. tending to stir up strife; inflammatory
Often ____________ in her fight against apartheid in South Africa, Helen Suzman has become a champion for both whites and blacks

3. a person who maliciously burns his or her own or another's 3property for monetary advantage
After a series of fires traceable to __________ in seventeenth-century Boston city leaders not only sought the offenders but also improved fire-fighting equipment
to infuriate; to enrage
I was _____________ by the way the angry customer treated the cashier
1. able to burn or eat away by chemical action
Because battery fluid, like other alkaline substances, is ____________, used batteries must be disposed of in special toxic dump sites

2. sarcastic; marked by a biting wit
to burn with a hot iron or a chemical to destroy abnormal tissue and/or to stop infection or bleeding
When a rural doctor was not available, the local blacksmith could use his tools to ___________ a cut or puncture, sometimes preventing infection in the wound
a pile of wood, etc., for burning a corpse as part of a funeral rite; any pile of combustible materials
The phoenix, a mythical bird, periodically burns itself on a _________ but flies up from it reborn
1. display of fireworks
The U.S. celebrated its bicentennial with ____________ in the sky above the Statue of Liberty

2. a spectacular display of virtuosity in music, writing, wit, or other accomplishment
A one-man orchestra, Bobby McFerrin produces musical ______________ with a singing range of four octaves and rhythmic sounds from his body surfaces
a compulsion to set things on fire
A person afflicted with _______________ may be uncontrollably driven to start a fire, but may also rush to help firefighters extinguish it
a very small amount; a bit; an iota
Jurors are instructed to vote "not guilty" if they have even a __________ of doubt in their minds about the defendant's guilt
1. to give off sparks; to flash; to sparkle
The queen's jewels ____________ in the soft light

2. to be animated or brilliant
In film and on stage, Mary Martin ____________, notably as Nellie Forbush in the musical South Pacific and as Peter Pan