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Event Management 2

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Product: Expert product knowledge is essential in today's competitive environment.
Product must convey not only perceived value, such as dollar for dollar worth, but also added value.
Cajun word lagniappe -everything one deserves and a little bit more.

Promotion: 1. Identify all event elements that require promotion, from
the proposal through the final evaluation
2. Develop strategies for allocating scarce event promotion
resources with efficient methods.
3. Identify promotion partners to share costs
4. Target your promotion carefully to the market segments
that will support your event
5. Measure and analyze your promotion efforts throughout campaign to make corrections as required.

Price: Market research helps determine price
• Competitive analysis of other
organizations offering similar event
• Two factors determine price:
1. Financial philosophy of event (nonprofit
vs. for-profit)
2. Perceived competition from similar
• Always keep in mind the general economic conditions.

PR: Advertising is what you say about your event - public
relations is what others are saying about your event.
• Effective event public relations campaign will involve:
1. research with event consumers as well as the media
2. development of collateral materials such as media kits,
fact sheets and other tangibles
3. the organization and implementation of media
4. the development of a speaker's bureau
5. on-site media relations assistance at the event.

• Location of event will determine marketing efforts needed to drive sales.
• Place does not only imply taste or style; place often defines type of person who will be persuaded to invest and attend