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In "Arthur Becomes King of Britain," why is the death of the old king so important?
He died without leaving an heir
What does Merlyn represent in the Arthurian legend?
the magic that plays a role in Arthur's life
In "Arthur Becomes King of Britain," how does Wart come upon the sword in the churchyard?
Trying to find Kay's sword, he happens to pass by
What helps the Wart pull the sword from the stone in "Arthur Becomes King of Britain"?
encouragement from talking animals
What does Sir Kay tell his father at first about the sword in "Arthur Becomes King of Britain"?
Kay says that he pulled it from the stone.
How does the Wart's worldview differ from Sir Kay's?
Sir Kay would be happy to be king, while Wart is unhappy.
What characteristics of a legendary hero does Wart possess in "Arthur Becomes King of Britain"?
He is honorable and has extraordinary abilities.
Which feature of legends is missing from "Arthur Becomes King of Britain"?
It supports feelings of national pride.
Which is the best reason that legends are important to a culture or society?
They shape a people's cultural identity and reflect values.
How does author's attitude differ from the worldview of the original Arthur story?
White is poking a little bit of fun at the legend.
"I don't know what the Church is coming to," "It's in an anvil,""The Church?""No, the sword."
He is playful and humorous.
Which character speaks the poem-within-the-poem (lines 52-323) of "Morte d'Arthur"?
Everard Hall
Why did the narrator burn his epic retelling of the Arthurian legend?
He felt it was a poor retelling that was told too many times
At the beginning of the part of MdA that is about Arthur's death, what just happened?
They have been defeated in a hard battle.
Why does ask Bediviere what happened at the lake when he returns?
Arthur knows that a hand will rise up to receive the sword.
What keeps Sir Bedivere from throwing Excalibur into the lake in "Morte d'Arthur"?
honor for King Arthur's memory
Based on Bedivere's and Arthur's actions what is Tennyson's worldview about worldly riches?
Riches tempt us, but there are more important things.
What are the three main worldviews represented in the poem "Morte d'Arthur"?
Tennyson's, the narrator's, and the characters'
Which feature of legends is weakest in "Morte d'Arthur"?
It has a basis in historical facts.
What is the most important thing that legends do for a culture or society?
They help shape cultural identity and reflect their values.
What is a parody?
humorous work that imitates style or ideas of other works
In A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, what threat does Hank face?
He is to be burned at the stake.
Why does Hank think he is dreaming in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court?
He cannot believe that he is in King Arthur's court.
In A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, why does Clarence refuse to help Hank escape?
He is afraid of a spell he believes Merlin has cast.
What are Hank's and Clarence's attitudes toward Merlin in A Connecticut Yankee?
Clarence is terrified of Merlin, while Hank thinks he's fake
Why is the day of Hank's punishment changed in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court?
Clarence, convinces the king to move it up a day.
What is Hank's first reaction the day of his punishment being changed in A Connecticut Yankee?
How is Twain's King Arthur in A Connecticut Yankee a parody of the legendary King Arthur?
Twain's Arthur shows the exaggerated fear that is humorous.
In what way is Hank a parody of a heroic figure in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court?
He is not concerned with things like honor.