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What age did Mark fall in love with climbing?


Who are the author(s) of this book?

Mark Pfetzer and and Jack Galvin

Where does Mark originally live?

Rhode Island, NY

What is a crampon?

spike on the shoes that helps you climb on ice.

What's his sister's name?


Instead of climbing (temporarily), what activity did he join?

scooter diving

Who was the "butthead"?


What did Mark do to get money for NEPAL?

He wrote 100 letters to the sponsors.

In which country was the highest mountain that Mark climbed in South America?


Where did Mark meet Geoff?

Rhode Island, Rock Gym

What did Mark's dad die from?


What was Mark's trainner's name?

Nel Poisson

Why did Mark fail Everest '95?

Because the air was too thin, so Mark started coughing to much and he broke his rib.

Who is Thor Kieser?

The leader of Everest '95.

Why didn't Mark go got Everest '97?

He heard that his dad got a cancer so he stayed to support him.

Who are the main characters?

Mark Pfetzer, Mark's parents, and Jabion.

Where does the story take place?

Around the world. EX: Mountain Everest, Ama Dablam, Mount Pisco, Cho Oyu, etc.

During what time does the story take place?

Aug. 1992- Dec. 1996.

What's the climax of the story?

Big Storm that comes on Everest '96
Deaths of the climbers on Everest '96

How old was Mark when he summit his first mountain?


What's the name of the mountain that Mark climbed with his mom?

Ama Dablam

How many times did Mark climb Mt. Everest?

2 times

What does Ama Dablam translate to?

Mother's Necklace

What is dinner plating?

When the ice ax falls out of ice and the climebr doesn't have anything to hold to.

In which country did Mark climbed a volcano?


How tall is Mt. Everest?

29028 ft. high

Mark's first trip was to Nepal. How much did it cost?


Mark was a leader on one of the mountains. How is this mountain called?


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