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The american journey (2000) Chapter 3. vocabulary


the right to organize settlements in an area

joint-stock company

investors bought stock in the company in return for a part of profit




dissagreed with beliefs


treated harshly


the protestants who wanted to reform the Anglican church


those who wanted to leave and find their own churches


What the Separatists comsidered themselves

Mayflower Compact

a formal documentthat pledged loyalty and declared their intention of forming a civil body politic for their better ordering and preservation

New England Company

group of Puritans who wanted to establish the Mass. Bay Colony

The Great Migration

a religious persecution and economic hard times that forced people to journey to Mass.


little acceptance


town that Hooker founded

Foundamental Orders of Connecticut

first written constitution in america

Roger Williams

a minister who had religious freedom beliefs

John Wheelwright

led group from Mass. to the north

Anne Hutchinson

A woman who was accused because she stated her ideas boldly


chief of the Wampanoag people

King Philip

Also known as the chief of the Wampanoag people

King Philip's War

An attack from the Mohawks that destroyed the Wampanoag people

New Amsterdam

located on Mahatan Island the main settlement for New Netherland


wealthy landowners, ruled like kings

Peter Stuyvesant

ruler of the New Netherland people

Duke of York

brother to King Charles II.

New York

Duke of York's new name for New Amsterdam

proprietary colony

a colony in which the owner, or proprietor owned all the land and controlled the government

Lord John Berkely and Sir Greorge Carteret

proprietors who owned New Jersey

William Penn

wealthy english man who wanted to own land in America, pacifist


group of dissenters called the society og friends


people who refuse to use forse or fight in wars


Penn's settlement and known as the city or brotherly love

indentured servants

people who worked for a certain time in return they came to America free

Sir george Calvert/Lord Baltimore

catholic wanted to establish a safe plece for catholics

Potomac River

a river that separates Virginia and Maryland


founded in 1729 was Marylands Port

Nathaniel Bacon

wealthy young planter who set fire to Jamestown

Bacon's rebellion

a time where Nathaniel bacon rebelled against the government


a settlement in Carolina


those unable to repay their debts


a town in Georgia

Act of toleration

an act that granted protestants and catholics a right to worship freely,failed

James oglethorpe

general recieved charter to create a colony


a french settlement

New France

a royal colony

Jacques Marquette/Louis Joliet

a fur trader and a priest

Robert de la Salle

a person who claimed land for france




lords who got property if they brought over settlers

tenant farmers

people who were brought over by seigneirs worked for them and paid them

Sante fe

founded by spanish missionaries, soldires,and settlers located in new mexico


religious settlements used to convert people toa specific faith

Junipero serra

franciscan monk founded san diego, 8 more

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