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#29 - Patrymau

New patterns from Uned 29 of Cwrs Sylfaenol Ceredigion. Trafod cynlluniau / Discussing plans. The "ongoing future" tense. I will be, you will be, etc.
Bydda i yma
I'll be here
Bydda i gartre
I'll be at home
Fydda i ddim yn ôl
I won't be back
Fydda i ddim yma yfory
I won't be here tomorrow
Fyddwch chi yma yfory?
Will you be here tomorrow? (chi)
Fyddwch chi gartre yfory?
Will you be at home tomorrow? (chi)
Fyddi di yn ôl yfory?
Will you be back tomorrow? (ti)
Fyddi di yng Nghaerfyrddin yfory?
Will you be in Carmarthen tomorrow? (ti)
Yes I will be
Na fydda
No I won't be
Pryd bydd e'n dod?
When will he be coming?
Pryd bydd e'n cyrraedd?
When will he be arriving?
Pryd bydd hi'n gadael?
When will she leaving?
Pryd bydd hi'n symud?
When will she be moving?
Bydd e yma erbyn chwech
He'll be here by six
Bydd e yno erbyn chwech
He'll be there by six
Bydd hi'n gadael yfory
She'll be leaving tomorrow
Bydd hi'n symud yfory
She'll be moving tomorrow
Bydda i'n enwog
I'll be famous
Bydda i'n gyfoethog
I'll be rich
Fydda i byth yn enwog
I'll never be famous
Fydda i byth yn gyfoethog
I'll never be rich