Middle East/North Africa


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What is Ramadan?
Month long daylight fast in the ninth month of the Muslim year used to connect with the poor.
What is Sharia?
Islamic (Religious) Law
What is purdah?
The belief that women are beautiful and men are weak. Separation of men and women.
What are the names for the garments Saudi women wear on their heads and bodies in order to preserve modesty?
The Hijab and Abaya.
What are some rules for good behavior when visiting the Middle East?
Consumption of alcohol is forbidden, do not compliment on belongings, do not show soles of feet.
Define: monotheism and polytheism
Belief that there is only one god ; belief in many gods
Which country's soil is considered most sacred to Muslims? What are its two most important cities?
Saudi Arabia ; Mecca, Medina
Define: jihad
War for god in Islam
Why is Israel considered so valuable? By what other name is it sometimes referred, and who often calls it by this other name?
Arabs call it Palestine. Jews call it Israel
How is land generally used in desert climates?
It is used for herding
What is the Rub al-Khali, and what is it home to?
Desert at the bottom of the Arabian Peninsula. Named the empty quarter.
What mountain range runs across northwest Africa?
Atlas Mountains
What three major rivers run through this region?
The Nile, The Tigris, and The Euphrates
What caused the Gulf War to break out?
Iraq was invaded by Kuwait
What caused the Iraq War to break out?
To get rid of Saddam because of rumors of weapons of mass destruction.
Define secular and non-secular and how these terms apply to Saddam Hussein?
Non religious ; Religious (seems backwards) Saddam Hussein was secular.
Following the Gulf War, how did the Saudi government respond to complaints about foreign troops on Saudi soil?
They increased funding in the schools.
What does a 'two-state' solution refer to when discussing the Middle East?
It refers to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in Israel. A two state solution would create an independent Palestinian state alongside the already independent Israeli state.
What role did the Sykes-Picot Agreement play in shaping the modern Middle East? How does ISIS use it as a recruiting tool, and what do they want to do about it?
They put groups together that did not belong together. They want to erase the lines and draw new borders.
What is the hajj?
The pilgrimage to Mecca
There are ___ pillars of Islam. What are they?
5 ; Give to charity, statement of faith, the hajj, 5 times a day prayer, and ramadan
Despite being made up of three distinctly different groups, Iraq remained relatively unified until the early 2000's. How?
Dictatorship (Saddam Hussein)
How did Iran's 1979 Revolution impact Iraqi/Iranian relations?
Hussein was afraid that the Shia would revolt like in Iran.
What are the basic beliefs of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?
God has an active part in our lives.
Which Middle Eastern country is not oil-rich?
Which prophet is the "seal prophet" and what does that mean?
What is the significance of the Strait of Hormuz, Strait of Gibraltar, and the Suez Canal?
If you control these access points, you control transportation around the area.
Shia is another name for which sect of Islam?
What was the connection between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin-Laden in planning 9/11?
There was no connection