10 terms

Intro to Signal and Noise*

Audio Recording
is using a microphone to record instruments, voices, or other things in the real world instead of using a synthesizer or samples.
Digital Audio Workstations.
Signal-to-noise ratio
compares the level of a desire signal to the level of background noise.
Increasing the signal to noise ratio
gives you a cleaner, clearer recording.
ambient noise.
An air conditioner
A computer running
Outside noise.
The inverse square law
is when the distance to the sound source doubles, the level will decrease by 6dB.
A Free field is
a space with no ambient noise.
When you decrease a sound by 10db
The sound becomes half as loud.
Ambient sound is?
Non Directional
when you move closer to a microphone
You get a cleaner and clearer recording of the noise you want and less background noise.