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Information and Computer Apps CLEP: Part 4

Point of Sale Terminal
In a gracery store, a ______ is a combination of an electronic cash register, bar code reader and printer.
Selective Backup
A _____ allows the user to chose specific files to backup, regardless of whether or not the files have changed since the last incremental backup
A __ is a mathematical formula that can be used to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data
Technial Writer
A _____ works with the analyst, programmer, and user to create document and user materials
Computer Science
Enty level jobs for graduating ____ students inclued database analyst, software engineer systems programmer, computer technician, and computer consultant
Cisco Certified Network Professional
_______ is a certification that tests advanced knowledge of installing, configuring, and operating LANs and WANs
Verifies that application works with other applications
An integration test______.
Using ___, engineering can test the design of a car or bridge before it is built
Assists support personnel in providing the best solutions for customers
CIM software ______.
____ software tracks leads and inquiries from customers, stores a history of all correspondence and sales to a customer and allows for tracking of outstanding issues with customers
Web farming
_____ is the process of collecting data from the Internet as a source for a data warehouse
A special kind of DSS, called an ___, supports the strategic information needs of executive management
Dialog box
A _____ is a special window that provides information, presents available options, or requests a response
Note taking
Business software suites typically include all of the following programs except _____.
Distance learning
____ is the delivery of education at one location while the learning takes place at other locations
Hyperstudio is a multimedia authoring software application that allows users to create presentations called ____.
An online meeting
______ allows users to share documents with others in real time
Site license
A ____ is a legal agreement that permits users to install software on multiple computers, usually at a volume discount
Internet telephony
_____ uses the Internet instead of the public switched telephone network to connect a calling party and one or more called parties
_____ is not required for video conferencing
Enterprise computing
Many large companies use the words, ____, to refer to the huge network of computers that meets their deverse computer needs
DNS server
When a user specifices a domain name, a ____ translates the domain name into its associated IP address so data can route to the correct computer
When using a search engine, use a ___ after the search word to find plurals or variations of that word
On the Web, __ involves the display of 3-D images that users explore and manipulate interactively
Message board
A popular Web-based type of discussion group that does not require a newsreader is a _____
Hot spot
A ____ is an area with the capability of wireless Internet connectivity
Digital divide
The gap between those who have access to computers and those who do not is referred to as the _____
The computer that a hacker uses to execute a DoS or DDoS attack known as a ____, is completely unaware that it is being used to attack other systems
Electronic Communicats Privacy Act
The 1986 ____ provides the same protection that covers mail and telephone communications to electronic communications such as voice mail