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  1. link
  2. linked list
  3. runtime stack
  4. intractable
  5. recursion
  1. a a problem that is so hard (typically exponential) that it cannot be solved unless the problem is small.
  2. b a pointer to the next element in a linked list.
  3. c a sequence of records, where each record contains a link to the next one.
  4. d a stack containing a stack frame of variable values for each active invocation of a procedure.
  5. e a case where a program calls itself.

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  1. a queue implemented within an array, where the first element of the array logically follows the last element.
  2. 1. in Lisp, the function that constructs a pair of pointers, or basic element of list structure. 2. a cons data structure. 3. to make a cons data structure.
  3. A contiguous block of memory containing elements of the same type, accessed by numeric index.
  4. a number that is defined as an object, so that it has a runtime type and methods that can be used, e.g. Integer in Java.
  5. the area of program text over which a variable can be referenced.

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  1. classin a tree, a node pointed to by a parent node.


  2. random accessa simple case that can be solved easily, without recursion.


  3. inorderan element of a linked list, tree, or graph, often represented by a data structure.


  4. ancestorsthe next element in a linked list.


  5. postorderan order of processing a tree in which the parent node is processed after its children.


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