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  1. gedanken
  2. cons
  3. structure sharing
  4. garbage
  5. binary tree
  1. a a case where two data structures share some elements.
  2. b 1. data that is incorrect, meaningless, or random; 2. storage that is no longer pointed to by any variable and therefore can no longer be accessed.
  3. c 1. in Lisp, the function that constructs a pair of pointers, or basic element of list structure. 2. a cons data structure. 3. to make a cons data structure.
  4. d a tree in which each node has at most two children.
  5. e describes a thought experiment or view of an entity.

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  1. an item (or description of items) being sought in a search.
  2. given two sets, the intersection is the set of elements that are members of both sets.
  3. a pointer to data.
  4. an abstract computer that is simulated by an interpreter program running on an actual computer.
  5. ...

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  1. first-child/next-siblinga case where two data structures share some elements.


  2. linked lista sequence of records, where each record contains a link to the next one.


  3. quadraticO(n2), a problem whose solution requires a quadratic amount of time or space if the problem is of size n.


  4. childin a tree, a node pointed to by a parent node.


  5. taxonomya classification of objects into a tree structure that groups related objects.