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  1. leaf
  2. LIFO
  3. queue
  4. class
  5. backtrack
  1. a last-in, first out: describes the order of a stack.
  2. b in object-oriented programming, a description of a set of similar objects.
  3. c a data structure representing a sequence of items, which are removed in the same order as they were inserted.
  4. d in a tree search, to move back from the node currently being examined to its parent.
  5. e a tree node containing a contents value but with no children.

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  1. the area of program text over which a variable can be referenced.
  2. in a search tree, a program that changes a state into a child state, e.g. a move in a game.
  3. given two sets, the union is the set of elements that are members of either set.
  4. the number of links between the root of a tree and the leaves.
  5. an item (or description of items) being sought in a search.

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  1. linka pointer to the next element in a linked list.


  2. recursiona case where a program calls itself.


  3. searchthe number of links between the root of a tree and the leaves.


  4. recursive casea condition of the input data where the data will be handled by call(s) to the same program.


  5. interpreteran order of processing a tree in which the parent node is processed in between its children.