50 terms

Information and Computer App CLEP: Part 5

Arobat Reader
A popular plug in application that enables readers to view navigate and print files in Portable Document Format ______
Smart Display
A ____ is a thin monitor that detaches from the computer to function as a portable wireless touch screen, which can access the computer remotely
A __ has pins on opposite sides of the circuit board that connect together to form one set of contacts
An 8 bit video card (also called 8 bit color) uses 8 bits to store information about each pixel and thus can display __ different colors
Floppy Disk
A GPA receiver is a handheld mountable or embedded device that does not contain a ______
When a computer sends data over the
Internet the data is divided into small pieces called ____
With ISDN the same telephone line that could carry only one computer signal now can carry three or more signals at once through the same lin, using a technique called _____
For small business and home networks a ____ allows multiple computers to share a single high speed Internet connection such as a cable modem or DSL modem
Streaming audio
______ enables users to listen to music as it downloads to their computers
A ____ equals approx one billion bytes
______ is used primarily on mainframe computers and high end servers
Pixels per inch
Manufacturers often use ______ to represent the sharpness of an image on a display screen
Metropolitan Area Network
A _______ is a high speed network that connects network in an area such as a city or town and handles the bulk of communications activity across that region
Provides several computers with data and resources from a single computer
Client/server network arichitecture usually _____
If a computer on the nework fails all the devices after the failed device cannot function
A major shortcoming of a ring network is that ________
Fiber optic cable
Wireless transimssion media used in communications does not include ______
_________ is the process of a computer receiving information such as a web page from a server on the Internet
An ___ is a compiled program that runs on the client
The ___ standard defines how a web server communicates with outside sources
Directs and coordinates most of operations in computer
In a computer processor the control unit ______
Secretly collects information about the user often related to the person's Web browsing
Spyware in a computer _____
Bell Labs licensed _____ for a low fee to numerous colleges and universites wher the operating system obtained a wide following
Compressed files are also called ___ files
In object oriented design the concept of packaging data and procedures into a single object is called _____
A ___ version is a test version of a system is not ready for release but is stable enough to be tested by end users
___ is a set of technologies from Microsoft that allows almost any type of program to run on the Internet or an internal business network
A program has its own documentation called ____
Object code or Object program
The machine langauge version that results from compiling a 3 GL is called the ______
An ____ is an action to which an object oriented program responds
Some users input music and other sound effects using external ___ devices such as an electronic piano keyboard
A ______ is a window on the screen that displays notes and drawings simultaneously on the screens of all participants in a video conference
To add special multimedia effects and interactive capabilities to Web pages, programmers do not use ____
Pubile Domian Software
_____ is free software that has been donated for public use and has no copyright restrictions
Microsoft ____ is an example of a personal DTP program
Project Management
_______ software allows user to track, control, and manage the events, resources, and costs of a project.
_____ is a common data type in databases that consists of Web addresses that link to a document or Web page
Completeness Check
A ___ verifies that a required field contains data
Data cube
A multidimensional database uses the idea of a ___ to represent the dimensions of data available
Front end
A ___ program interacts with a DBMS which in turn interacts with database
______ is a process designed to ensure the data within the relations (tables) in a relational database contains the least amount of duplication
_____ is not a SQL keyword
A Web page has a unique address called a ____
Mac OS X
Popular database management systems do not include _____
__ software enables user to convert an image from a fax modem to text and then edit it
The banking industry almost exclusively uses ___ for check processing
The ____ is the most important data and information gathering technique for the system developer
Class diagrams
Tools that a system analyst uses for process modeling does not include ______
Request for Quotation
A ______ identifies the products a systems analyst wants from a vendor
Pilot conversion
With a ______ only one location in the company uses a new system, so it can be tested
____ processing implies that there is no interaction with the user while the program is being executed