PLEASE READ: Go to the TEST tab check only the WRITTEN box and then conjugate the following verbs from English to Spanish. The pronouns are NOT included though accent marks are included. Do 25/90%. Show me when you have completed it successfully.

I sang

yo canté

We drank

nosotros bebimos

I was born

yo nací

He / she worked

él / ella trabajó

You (informal) went out

tú saliste

We returned

nosotros volvimos

He / She closed

él / ella cerró

We drank (t verb)

nosotros tomamos

He /She opened

él / ella abrió

We ate

nosotros comimos

You (informal) danced

tú bailaste

They talked

ellos / ellas hablaron

I washed

yo lavé

I wrote

yo escribí

I met

yo conocí

We walked

nosotros caminamos

He / She left

él / ella salió

We opened

nosotros abrimos

They lived

ellos / ellas vivieron

She was born

él / ella nació

I called

yo llamé

You (informal) washed


I studied

yo estudié

He / she counted/told

él / ella contó

You (formal) danced


You (informal) talked


I earned

yo gané

We washed

nosotros lavamos

He / she watched

él / ella miró

I took (as in med)

yo tomé

They worked

ellos / ellas trabajaron

We closed

nosotros cerramos

I drank

yo bebí

You (informal) ate

tú comiste

We met

nosotros conocimos

They ate

ellos / ellas comieron

We learned

nosotros aprendimos

You (informal) were born

tú naciste

They returned

ellos / ellas volvieron

He / she wrote

él / ella escribió

We left

nosotros salimos

I lived

yo viví

They opened

ellos / ellas abrieron

They washed

ellos / ellas lavaron

I worked

yo trabajé

You (formal) sang

ud. cantó

We ate

nosotros comimos

I walked

yo caminé

The boys sang

ellos / ellas cantaron

They drank milk (b verb)

ellos / ellas bebieron

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