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History 2055- Test 1

Which shocked Europeans upon first encountering the Aztec culture?
Practice of Human Sacrifice
The economic and social system of the spanish empire rested on..
sugar, spices, and silver
A colony that was made the best effort, after the discovery of the Americans, to get along with the indians?
description of a "headright"
the right of a free settler or sponsor of an immigrant to receive 50 acres per person
a colony controlled by a company for profit
joint stock colony
description of immigrants during the tobacco boom of the 1620's
mostly young single men, most came as indentured servants, died soon after arriving
Maryland graned religious toleration because..
its Catholic founders wished to provide a haven for Catholics
Which two colonies were formed when religious intoleration cause people to leave Massachusetts?
Rhode Island and Connecticut
Working conditions in the Caribbean colonies were
very harsh
This colony quickly adopted a slavery system when it developed a working relationship with Barbados in the Caribbean
Most people who settled in the 13 colonies were..
The Navigation Act:
were laws passed to give English merchants a monopoly on the colonial trade.
The "Mayflower Compact" of the Separatists was:
basis for government devised without a legal basis to do so
The description of Massachusetts Bay Colony using the biblical metaphor of a "city on a hill" relates to the Puritan founders' idea that the colony should:
be a model holy commonwealth and set an example of the world
The Dutch colony of New Jersey eventually became
New York
Penn's vision for his colony included
providing a refuge for Quakers from England and elsewhere, establishing a model society to reform the failings of Europe, generating rental revenue for himself
By 1700, your text concluded, the North American colonies were..
becoming permanent, firmly rooted societies
Who wrote " Four Generations"?
Philip Greven
According to Philip Greven in his book, "Four Generations"
the first generation of settler in Andover, Massachusetts was patriarchal, long-lived and close
By the mid-1700s, slaves on southern plantations...
were most-likely native born
The major crop of Virginia was?
The _____ was a secular movement that placed great emphasis upon science and the laws of nature and less on faith and religion
a correct statement regarding slaves
while some slaves were unskilled, some were skilled craftsmen
correct statement regarding agriculture in the North
Agriculture was more diverse in the North then in the South
The Albany Congress refers to
the attempt to unite the British mainland colonies into a federation
The Great Awakening was a reaction to the
A new Organization founded in 1765, the____, terrorized stamp collectors and was known as
Sons of Liberty
After 1688, England's policy towards the colonies is best describes as
Whose defeat near the forks of the Ohio River started the Seven Year's War?(French and Indian)
George Washington
The French and Indian War was significant because it
led an expanded English claim in North America
What was the basic British policy after 1763
to deprive Americans of their liberties
In resisting the Stamp Act, Americans affirmed all of the following:
Their general mistrust power, their particular right to trial by jury, their belief in taxation only by their elected representatives
Who organized a combined uprising of the Western tribes in the aftermath of the french defeat?
During the Revolutionary War, what precent of the public remained neutral ?
Which school of the American Revolution believed that the American Revolution was part of widespread CONFLICT in colonial society?
Progressive School
The colonial response to the Coercive Act (1772) was the calling of ?
The first Continental Congress
The initial fighting in the war occurred in New England: most engagements in the tow years after the Declaration of Independence took place in..
the Chesapeake... The Carolinas and Georgia
"Saratoga changed everything", says your text. This refers to the fact that:
The military standoff forced General Howe to turn toward Philadelphia instead of linking up with General Burgoyne
George Washingtons victory in at Yorktown came as a joint achievement of the Continental Army and
the French army, the French navy, militia from the area
Reasons why the english came to America:
a religious persecution due to the Reformation, the Enclosure Movement, desire to acquire land
In "Common Sense" Thomas Paine argues:
Parliament had deliberately and wickedly brought about all America's misfortunes, Britain had dealt with the colonies out of self-interest rather than affection, Monarchy was a foolish and dangerous form of government
The Separatists (Pilgrams) believed
that the Anglican Church in England was too Catholic
The Puritan program for reforming England included:
purifying the church of England from remaining traces of Catholicism, separating church from state, limiting church participation to the godly
In the early decades of New England settlement, new colonies in adjacent areas were often founded because of..
religious differences
Bacon's Rebellion:
-Governor Berkeley denounced Bacon as a Rebel
-Bacon's army attacked Jamestown and burnt it down
-Bacon died of dysentery and the rebellion died out
Why is Bacon's Rebellion important?
-is revealed a bitter rivalry between the east and west
-leaders of the colony saw poor whites as a threat
-need a workforce that will obey
The Boston Massacre took place..
March 5,1770
before the french revolution
The French and Indian war took place..
What was the primary reason so many families migrated into the backcounrty?
to obtain cheap land
What is the best description of the United States under the Articles of Confederation?
An intergraded republic with a decentralized structure of national government
Which group dominated the political and economic life of the seaport towns?
Southern colonies exported?
tabaco, rice, indigo
which school of the American Revolution Argued that poverty was a major cause of the Revolution?
New Social
First school of the American revolution, argues good vs. bad
Patrician School
American Revolution school that argues America is harmonious and Europe is full of problems
Consensus School
Who translated the Bible
Martin Luther
An exchange of diseases between one world to the new is know as?
Columbian Exchange
Based on a book by Alan Crosby..
Columbian Exchange
What Battle was the turning point of the American Revolution?
Battle of Saratoga
What Battle ended the American Revolution?
Battle of Yorktown
What best describes the Articles of Confederation?
Power was held in the states, not the federal government
John Locke:
-Developed idea of government as a social contract
-Idea that people have the right to rebel
-both ideas incorporated in American Constitution
**** similar to Thomas Jefferson
Due to _____ Pennsylvania was an immediate success.
William Penn(Quaker)
Who led the Continental Army?
George Washington
Theocracy is..
Government based on religion=Massachusetts
Movement that threw people off the land so they could heard sheep.
Enclosure Movement
Enclosure Movement was driven by____
The Industrial Revolution= largest industry was the textile (clothing) industry
Translated the Bible into French and started the Prespirtrian Church
John Calvin
Dominican Priest, Wrote 95 Thesis
Martin Luter (had no intention on starting a new church)
Believe God put the world in motion but nothing after that
Reaction to the great awakening started____
Encouraged people to begin to move west
Northwest Ordinance
A political Writer who came up with separation of powers and checks and balances
Baron Montesquieu
Who wrote the book " Common Sense"?
Thomas Paine
Three Phases of war:
North, Middle, and South
What greatly expanded the English claim for America?
French and Indian War
Term said to describe the English policy for the 13 Colonies
Location where the Indians where very united?
South America
Note: North American Indians are very broken up
Book written By Phillip Greven; studied the records of the first four generations of Andover Massachusetts:
Four Generations
Crusades: (year)
1. Elizabeth I
2.Mary I
1. Protestant
Church of England?