New Testament Ch 1

The Span of Jewish history from 51 BCE to 70 CE is referred to as
The Second Temple Period
Which Seleucid (Greek) ruler initiated a reign of terror designed to exterminate the Jewish religion?
Antiochus Epiphanes
Which Person brought Palestine under Greek control, inaugurating the Hellenistic Period?
Alexander the Great
Which group led a successful Jewish rebellion to gain freedom from foreign rule?
Which ruling family ruled an independent Jewish state until civil wars made them ripe for conquest by the Romans?
not a characteristic of the Pharisees
Practiced celibacy
not a characteristic of the Sadducees
Radically anti-Roman
Not a characteristic of the Essenes
associated with the Jerusalem temple
What Jewish group was radically anti-Roman and advocated armed rebellion against Roman forces?
not a characteristic of the Samaritans
supported the family and dynasty of Herod
Which Gentiles embraced Jewish theology, worship, and morality but did not fully convert to Judaism by being circumcised and following the Jewish dietary laws?
Which person, who was appointed by the Romans, ruled over Palestine from 37 BCE to 4 BCE and was known for his building projects as well as his paranoia of those wanting to usurp his throne?
Herod the Great
Which tetrarch, and son of Herod the Great, was appointed by the Romans and ruled the region of Galilee the entire time of Jesus' life and ministry?
Herod Antipas
Which Roman governor ruled Judea from 26 to 36 CE and was responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus?
Pontius Pilate
What term refers to Jews living outside the traditional homeland of Palestine who were influenced by Hellenism?
The Greek translation of the Jewish Bible is referred to as the
What religious perspective combines a radical dualistic outlook with a deterministic view of history?
Which religious movement promoted secret knowledge that will allow thesould to be set free from the bodily prison in this material world?
Which philosophical school emphasized free will, questioned fate, and encouraged the attainment of true pleasure through the avoidance of anxiety and moderation in all things?
Which philosophical school emphasized the attainment of virtue through acceptance of fate, based on the notion that all things are predetermined and that there is logic to all that transpires in the universe?
Which philosophical school emphasize radical authenticity, repudiation of shame, simplicity of lifestyle, and a desire to possess only what is obtained naturally and freely?
terms most often used to describe the dynamics of the patron-client relationship: the patrons bestowal of benefits and the clients expected attitude of loyalty to the patron
grace and faith
what social value refers to the status that one has in the eyes of others whom one considers to be significant, including factors such as age, gender, nationality, and economic class?