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_____ is the process of dealing with employees who are represented by a union.
Labor Relations.
Which of the following statements is true of the congress of industrial organizations
It organized the steel, mining, and meatpacking industries.
Which of the following statements is true of the Taft-Hartley Act?
It was established as response to public outcries against the strikes following world war II.
The basic purpose of the ___ Was to curtail and limit union practices.
Taft-Hartley Act.
Which of the following legislation outlawed closed-shop agreements
Taft-Hartley Act.
The american federation of labor grew rapidly in the early twentieth century because:
Workers preferred the businesslike approach of AF of L.
The american federation of labor focused on ______
Better employment contracts.
Which following statements is true of the wager act?
It prohibits employers from engaging in certain unfair labor practices.
The ___ requires that national labor unions elect new leaders at least once every 5 years.
Landrum-Griffin Act.
The Landrum-Griffin Act Requires
Unions to file annual financial statements with the department of labor.
Which of the following strategies is used by owners to minimize union strength in professional sports?
A lockout.
Which of the following statements reflects a current trend in union-management relations in the united states
Union recognize that they do not have as much power as they once held.
Which of the following occurs in the first step of the unionization process?
Employees figure some interest in joining a union.
In the context of unionization, ___ refers to the specifically defined group of employees who are eligible for representation by the union.
The bargaining unit.
In the unionization process, the number of representatives that the national labor relations board sends to a company to conduct an election is based on the:
Size of the bargaining unit.
In the context of the process of unionization, which of the following is the next step after the national labor relations board defines the bargaining unit?
Union organizers strive to get 30 percent of the eligible workers within the bargaining unit to sign authorization cards requesting a certification election.
____ may be included in collective bargaining only if both parties agree.
Permissive items
In the negotiation process, a party makes a final offer exactly at the ___ of the other party when it finds out the maximum amount the other party is willing to pay.
resistance point
Which of the following statements is true of a positive settlement zone?
It refers to an overlap between an organizations and its unions demands and expectations in the bargaining zone.
When there is a difference of opinion between an employee who is a union member and his or her supervisor, the employee can initially take his or her complaint to ____.
The shop steward
A ____ occurs when workers suddenly go on strike, without the authorization of the striker's union and while a binding labor agreement is still effect.
Wildcat strike
The pool if ____ is a source of replacement labor for companies.
Contingent workers
The primary reason for companies to export jobs to other countries is to:
Cut down on overall cost.
Which of the following statements defines health hazards?
It refers to the elements of the work environment that more slowly and systematically, and perhaps cumulatively, result in damage to an employee health.
An organization can try to make its workplace safer by:
focusing on safe behaviors at the workplace.
Which of the following industries had the most number of fatalities in 2014 due to violence at the workplace?
The retail trade industry
Which of the following is an important ingredient in controlling accidents at work?
Employee training
Which of the following poses a workplace hazard that may cause accidents?
Poor housekeeping of office space.
Who among the following individuals is most likely to be susceptible to occupational health hazards?
Edwin, who works for a company that manufactures insecticides.
Which of the following statements is true of people who work in rotational shifts>
They can never establish a new biological rhythm for sleep.
___ are organization programs created specifically to help employees deal with tension and anxiety
Collateral stress programs.
If a person experiences psychological consequences of stress, he or she is most likely to:
Sleep too much or not sleep enough.
In the context if the causes of stress at work, which of the following is a role demand stressor?
____ is a persons adaptive response to a stimulus that places excessive psychological or physical demands on him or her.
In the context of the difference in how one experiences stress, ___ is characterized as being highly competitive with few interests outside of work
The type A personality