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  1. what are the crazy 8
  2. how many people in US have CKD?
  3. when do renal pt take phosphate binders?
  4. respiratory quotient
  5. Tx of CF (9)
  1. a every renal pt should be on phosphate binders--take at every meal and snack
  2. b 1 in 9
  3. c slow progression, reduct symptoms, nutrition, improve QOL, reduce breathing obstructions, PT, meds, exercise, lung transplant (advanced CF)
  4. d ratio of CO2 expired to volume of O2 inspired (CO2/O2)--->tells us of over/underfeeding and tells us if they're mostly burning carbs, fat etc
  5. e milk egg peanut tree nut fish shellfish soy wheat

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  1. inability to produce surfactant
  2. tree nuts and shellfish
  3. mucus, cilia, macrophages, antioxidants
  4. biochemical, hematological, anthropometrics, clinical sign/sx
  5. reduces elevated PTH, calcimimetic agent

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  1. nutritional req for posttran pt?calcium, phos, altered bone metab; osteoporosis and altered Vit D; hypercalcuria from corticosteroids; supp w/ Ca, Vit D, anti-resorptive agents; increase phos, monitor serum potassium


  2. CAPDcontinuous cyclical; usually @ night; singly dialysate into peritoneal cavity during day; requires a machine to drain dialysate


  3. Smokers and vit C?chronic obstructory pulmonary disease


  4. rejection of post trans ptcorticosteroids increase--need for increased protein and kcal requirements


  5. why would someone get nephrotic syndrome?75% HBV @ o.8-1.0 g/kg/d; 35 kcals/kg; sodium ~3 g/d (modest)