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  1. ultrafiltrate?
  2. two populations at high risk for BPD?
  3. kidneys turn Vit D into what?
  4. 4 micronutrients lacking in renal diet
  5. *table 18.1 in notes
  1. a premature of low birth wt infants
  2. b phos, folic acid, Vit C, B vitamins (6, 12, and niacin)
  3. c active form (calcitriol) and helps w/ Ca absorp in gut
  4. d *
  5. e fluid produced after filtering the blood through the glomerulus (much like blood)

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  1. corticosteroids increase--need for increased protein and kcal requirements
  2. tendency toward allergies, determined genetically
  3. intradialytic parenteral nutriton--administered during dialysis, don't contain Vit & Min, hypertonic formulas (tol well due to high blood flow of fistulas and grafts) monitor BG during PN
  4. eczema--skin rash characterized by small red and white bumps that itch; often a symptom of allergy
  5. dyspnea, orthopnea (difficulty breathing laying down), hypercapnia, respiratory acidosis, wt loss, barrel-chested (muscle build up to continue lungs working hard), hypoxemia doesn't occur until last stages of disease ***table 21.5

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  1. 8 Sx of kidney disease and anemiablood loss thru lab testing, blood residue left in blood lines/dialyzers, inflammation, GI or menstrual bleeding, aluminum toxicity, poor nutrient intake, poor iron absorption, Vit B def


  2. What is reabsorption? What four things are reabsorbed?absorbing again (glucose, AA, salt and water)


  3. nutritional requirements of the posttransplant ptcalcium, phos, altered bone metab; osteoporosis and altered Vit D; hypercalcuria from corticosteroids; supp w/ Ca, Vit D, anti-resorptive agents; increase phos, monitor serum potassium


  4. Macrophages protect our body usingphagocytosis


  5. what two things are secreted during urine formation?H+, K+