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  1. fluid needs for BPD
  2. give cows milk at what age
  3. ARF?
  4. 4 reasons for nutrition problems w/ CF?
  5. meds table 21.4
  1. a mucus plugs reduce quantity of enzymes released from pancreas, excessive mucus in SI lining prevents microvilli absorption, decrease in bicarb secretion (reduced digestive enzyme activity), reduced reabsorption of bile acids leads to reduced fat emulsifications
  2. b 1 yr
  3. c *
  4. d may be on fluid restriction and/or diuretics
  5. e acute renal failure--alteration of daily metabolic waste excretion. Oliguria or normal urine output.

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  1. milk, cheese, fruits & veg, dark cola, beer, lunch meats, legumes, nuts, whole grians
  2. 1-2 years
  3. increased work of breathing, chronic infections, medical treatments, reduced intake (fl res, SOB, decreased o2 saturation while eating, anorexia due to chronic disease, GI distress/vomiting)
  4. ratio of CO2 expired to volume of O2 inspired (CO2/O2)--->tells us of over/underfeeding and tells us if they're mostly burning carbs, fat etc
  5. RBC due to increased waste products in the blood

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  1. diagnosis for BPDreceived supplemental O2 for at least 28 days and were less than 32 wks gestational age


  2. what are the crazy 8removing particles from a solution


  3. 4 reasons for obstructive ARF?tumor, blood clots, kidney stones, blockage to ureter or neck of the bladder.


  4. 6 MNT for asthmaadequate nutrition, fatigue during meals, bloating at meal time, small/freq meals, nutritional supp, avoid excessive wt gain, determine appropriate plan for those w/ >140% IBW, exercise


  5. tracheostomysurgical opening made in the trachea to assist breathing. results in inability to speak or swallow normally. increases risk of aspiration. altered consistency or enteral nutrition may be necessary --->speech pathology can do a barium swallow eval