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  1. probiotics
  2. 4 reasons for obstructive ARF?
  3. dialysate for PD is high in
  4. #1 cause of death of premature infants
  5. Tx of CKD?
  1. a glucose
  2. b tumor, blood clots, kidney stones, blockage to ureter or neck of the bladder.
  3. c treat underlying disease and delay progression, stage I and II--EPO replacement, Vit D supplementation, Stage 5 (ESRD)--renal replacement therapy, nutrition therapy crucial, transplant; post-transplant--immunosuppressants.
  4. d necrotizing endocholitis (gut dies)
  5. e microbial dietary supplement affecting the intestinal tract that may modify an immune response

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  1. give synthetic EPO -->increased hematocrit which increases need for Fe (IV).
  2. 1-2 years
  3. rule out allergy
  4. 2-3 yrs (eggs peanuts milk tree nuts fish)
  5. 120-130 kcal/kg/day; human milk fortifier + breast milk (130-160 kcal/kg if growth failure or hypermetabolic)

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  1. protein for dialysis diet--how much do you lose in PD? how much protein should be HBV?dyspnea, fatigue, early satiety, depression


  2. what does pulmonary disease do to energy requirementsconsistently after ingestion, inhalation or touch


  3. what stays during urine formation?ultrafiltrate


  4. reintroduce foods at what age in order to not restrict unnecessarilyDURATION (onset, duration and intensity) and FOODS


  5. prerenal azotemia? 4 reasons this may happen?happens before the kidneys. Dehydration, circulatory collapse, fluid losses from GI tract or from extensive wounds such as burns, inadequate renal perfusion.