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  1. V&M for BPD?
  2. oliguria?
  3. the crazy 8 account for ___% allergies
  4. antigen
  5. specialized post dialysis EN formulas
  1. a nepro with carb steady, novasource renal
  2. b 90
  3. c <500 mL/d --scanty urine usually due to kidney problems
  4. d usually a foreign substance (protein, bacteria, polysaccharides) that stimulates antibody production
  5. e electrolytes, Vit A, K and Chloride, calcium

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  1. permanent access to bloodstream---arteriovenous fistula (abnormal passageway between an artery and a vein--blood flow is higher), artificial loop graft, subclavian catheter (usually temporary)
  2. reduces elevated PTH, calcimimetic agent
  3. IgE
  4. 1 yr
  5. microbial dietary supplement affecting the intestinal tract that may modify an immune response

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  1. sulfites are ___lose great amt of salt w/ sweat, hyponatremia-->shock, beware in hot weather or fever


  2. 3 steps to urine formation?filtration, reabsorption, secretion


  3. 10 things kidneys control to maintain homeostatic balancefluid, electrolytes, organic solutes, waste products, pH balance, Vitamin D activation (Ca and PO4 excretion), renin production, makes RBCs, glucose homeostasis, carnitine synthesis


  4. IPN?intraperitoneal parenteral nutrition--uses AA in place of glucose as osmotic gradient during PD. counter loss of 5-15 g protein from PD


  5. tracheostomysurgical opening made in the trachea to assist breathing. results in inability to speak or swallow normally. increases risk of aspiration. altered consistency or enteral nutrition may be necessary --->speech pathology can do a barium swallow eval