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  1. nutritional requirements of the posttransplant pt
  2. dialysate for PD is high in
  3. what goes during urine formation?
  4. energy requirements for respiratory failure
  5. hygiene theory?
  1. a low fat diet, HTN common so Na restriction, potassium restriction in acute period
  2. b 25 kcal/kg or 1.3*BEE
  3. c our immune systems are not exposed properly because of our clean society
  4. d waste products
  5. e glucose

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  1. lung structure; elasticity; function; respiratory muscle mass, strength and endurance; lung immune defense mechanisms; control of breathing
  2. adequate nutrition, fatigue during meals, bloating at meal time, small/freq meals, nutritional supp, avoid excessive wt gain, determine appropriate plan for those w/ >140% IBW, exercise
  3. phagocytosis
  4. meal planning, meeting nutrient needs, awareness of potential food/drug interactions, exercise
  5. wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness & coughing--esp at night or early morning

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  1. is lactose intolerance a food allergy?bacteria


  2. calcium stonesmicrobial dietary supplement affecting the intestinal tract that may modify an immune response


  3. 3 populations at risk for aspirationheredity, food exposure, GI permeability, environmental factors


  4. Dialysate for HD?solution of H2O and chemicals used to remove waste products from blood. dialysis works through diffusion, ultrafiltration and osmosis


  5. what is COPDprogressive disease that limits airflow through either inflammation of the lining of bronchial tubes or destruction of alveoli