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  1. 2 ways to manage severe ARF?
  2. wet weight? dry wt?
  3. sulfites are ___
  4. specialized pre dialysis EN formulas
  5. meds for TB
  1. a nonimmunologic
  2. b INH (isoniazid), depletes Vit B6, alteres Vit D metabolism (bone issues)
  3. c suplena with carb steady (lower in protein than nepro bc they aren't on dialysis)
  4. d wet wt-before dialysis and dry wt-after dialysis
  5. e continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT--comparable to continuous dialysis) and oral nutrition preferred if possible (EN, PPN, TPN may be necessary)

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  1. inflammation of the lungs, usually caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi
  2. most common autosomal recessive diease in US, abnormal mutation of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR), exocrine glands and epithelial cells secrete abnormally thick mucus---affects respiratory tract, sweat, salivary, GI tract, pancreas, liver, genitourinary system
  3. prerenal azotemia, obstructive, intrinsic
  4. in urinary tract
  5. pollen allergy combined w/ fresh fruits or veggies leads to pruritis (itch), angioedema (swelling of lips, tongue, palate and throat)

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  1. tx of nephrolitiasistreat underlying disease and delay progression, stage I and II--EPO replacement, Vit D supplementation, Stage 5 (ESRD)--renal replacement therapy, nutrition therapy crucial, transplant; post-transplant--immunosuppressants.


  2. cystine stonesRARE--cystinuria is an inherited metabolic disorder that is high levels of cystine in urine


  3. V&M for BPD?electrolytes, Vit A, K and Chloride, calcium


  4. catheter in abdomenPD


  5. rejection of post trans ptcorticosteroids increase--need for increased protein and kcal requirements


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