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  1. why do AA have different GFR calculation?
  2. 3 populations at risk for aspiration
  3. fluid in dialysis diet--limit what and why?
  4. functional unit of kidney
  5. dialysate for PD is high in
  1. a glucose
  2. b increased amount of muscle mass compared to other races
  3. c limit salt to prevent fluid gain b/w dialysis Trx--ID wt gain shouldn't exceed 5% body wt. reduced intake=reduced thirst
  4. d nephron
  5. e infants/toddlers, older adults, those w/ oral, upper GI, neurologic or muscular abnormalities.

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  1. form after infection in urinary tract, contains Mg and ammonia, more common in women
  2. CAPD (continuous ambulatory) and CCPD (continuous cyclical)
  3. acute renal failure--alteration of daily metabolic waste excretion. Oliguria or normal urine output.
  4. permanent access to bloodstream---arteriovenous fistula (abnormal passageway between an artery and a vein--blood flow is higher), artificial loop graft, subclavian catheter (usually temporary)
  5. Sx, time of exposure to sx, suspected foods, when exposed?

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  1. CHO & fat kcal for respiratory failure1.2-1.5 g/kg protein


  2. med to prevent Ca stonesHCTZ (diuretic)


  3. 5 MNT assessments for BPDlinear growth, chronic hypoxia, GERD, dietary ntake, emotional deprivation


  4. 10 signs and symptoms of poor kidney function?FLUID (3-4 q h2o PO, Diet, meds


  5. uric acid stonesmost common, hypercalciuria, high levels of Ca in urine form crystals w/ oxalate or phosphate (calcium oxalate stones and calcium phosphate stones)


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