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Forms and Systems of Government


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representative democracy
In a __________, a country is governed by representatives elected by the citizens.
democratic republic
A representative democracy is also called a __________ .
__________ is a form of government in which much of the planning, producing, and distributing goods is controlled by a central government
__________ - a form of government in which the government controls the whole economy. Usually ruled by a dictator and a single party system.
Direct democracy
__________ - form of government in which the people directly rule (make all major decisions). One example of this is town meetings in New England.
__________ - a form of government where power is held by one person who has been born into the ruling family.
__________ - a form of government where a country is ruled by a small group of wealthy people.
__________ - a form of government where one leader has unlimited power. Examples include dictatorships and absolute monarchies.
__________ - a leader of an autocratic country. Often maintains power by use of force.
Absolute monarchy
__________ - a form of government where a king or queen rules with absolute or unlimited power.
Constitutional monarchy
__________ - government with a king or queen that shares power with elected representatives or serves as a ceremonial head of state (example - Great Britain).
__________ - a system of government in which power is held by an elected legislature. The majority party (or coalition) controls the executive branch headed by a prime minister or equivalent.
__________ - a system of government where the power is shared between the central (national) government and the states.
________ - system of government with a loose coalition of mostly independent states. There is little or no central (national) power.
__________ - a system of government where the national government controls all functions of government. Local governments are controlled by the national government.
Which branch of government enforces the law?
Which branch of government makes the law?
Which branch of government interprets the law?