Phonology Ch. 11

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In the articulation of which consonants do you use the tip of the tongue?
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What are approximants?Consonants made by narrowing of the vocal tract while still allowing airflowWhere is the tip of the tongue when /th/ is produced in American English and where is it in British English?American: between the teeth (interdental) British: behind the upper teeth (dental)How do the two consonants in 'plan' /pl/ overlap in their articulation?The tongue is already on the alveolar ridge for /l/ so then /l/ is voiceless because we are getting ready for the following vowelHow do the vowel and the consonant in 'pan' overlap in their articulation?The vowel is nasalized because it is followed by a nasalHow does the /k/ in 'key' differ from the /k/ in 'car'They have slightly different places of articulation because they're getting ready for the following vowel The /k/ in key is palatalized because it is getting ready for the /i/Why /n/ in 'input' is often pronounced as [m]Because of co-articulation and the lips begin to close for /p/ - making the sound /m/