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Major Components of Connective tissue.

Name the 3 components that make up the connective tissue matrix.

ground substances, fibers, cells

What is ground substance made of ? (GAGS)


Name the three types of fibers of connective tissue.

Collagenous, Reticular, elastic

What is the most common found fiber in the body?

Collagenous fiber

What is another name for Collagenous fiber?

White Fibers

What is another name for Reticular fiber?

Mist net

What is another name for Elastic fiber?

Yellow Fibers

Name a location for collagenous fibers.

tendons and ligaments

What do Reticular fibers support?

endocrine glands, lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow, and liver

These elastic fibers are subject to stretching, such as .....

vocal cords, lungs, skin, and walls of blood vessels

Name two major cells in the connective tissue matrix.

fixed cells, and transient cells or "wandering cells"

Fixed cells do what in the matrix?

production and maintenance

Transient cells do what in the matrix?

repair and protect

Name the 3 types of fixed cells in the connective tissue matrix.

fibroblast, chondroblast, osteo

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