24 terms


audience's interest,listener or reader
You-viewpoint communication is speaking or writing which emphasizes the _____or orientation toward the subject. what benefits the ______, not necessarily the speaker or writer.
memoranda (original Latin plural), memorandums (anglicized plural), memos (contraction plural).
word memorandum has three acceptable plurals:
heading and signature block.
. The difference between block and modified block format has to do with the position of certain items in the ___ AND ____
direct sequence
In the body of a memorandum or letter the ______ is appropriate if your analysis of the audience indicates that the reader's reaction will be positive/receptive or neutral.
The Administrative Management Society (AMS) simplified letter format
• uses no indention.
• eliminates the greeting or salutation and the complimentary close
• puts a subject line in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in the position of the greeting or salutation.
• permits the writer still to mention the reader by name in the body of the letter.
• displays the typewritten signature in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
• has been gaining wider acceptance in American business correspondence under the influence of computers.
enclosed document
A transmittal letter transmits with it an ; ________ this letter may also be called a cover letter, because it physically covers the enclosure. A common example is a job-application letter which transmits (covers) an enclosed resume.
letter of inquiry
In a _____, you should explain why you are asking for the information. The most effective reasons are those which the reader can perceive as being of benefit to the reader (remember the you-viewpoint).
developing message,margin,bullets or numbers
In a letter of inquiry you should ask your questions in the . ______ You should word them as questions, start each one at the ____, and set the questions off with _____. These techniques convey that you are an organized person, and they make your letter easier to answer (thus more likely to gain a response).
positive way to receiving the response
In a letter of inquiry, you should use an ending which looks forward in a __________________. Under normal circumstances, refrain from "thanking the reader in advance"; that ending is trite and also implies that you believe the reader is so subordinate to you that you can predict the reader's behavior before it happens.
you should stress the facts, write only for business use and only under authorization, assure the reader that the requested information will be held in confidence, and explain the job requirements to the reader
10. If you write to request information about a person who has applied for a job with your organization, .
In a letter providing a reference
(evaluating a person), the writer should be objective, stress facts, give the facts appropriate emphasis, use positive words for any negative concepts, and report precisely and truthfully.
indirect sequence.
If you write in response to a request for information about a person but have to decline to give the information, you should use the -------- The first paragraph should refer to the previous communication and state the subject but fail to give any information about the subject.
implicit purpose
13. The ______of a letter acknowledging an order is to promote goodwill so that the writer may sell more products to the reader.
uncontrollable reasons
The best reasons for declining to do what the reader has requested you to do are _____. Reasons which seem to be personal in nature are least appropriate.
claim(s) letter.
15. A complaint letter (letter of complaint) may also be called a _____ It is called a complaint letter because it complains, and it is called a claim(s) letter because it files a claim for an adjustment to purported damages.
early in the letter (i.e., in the opening)
In a complaint letter (letter of complaint or claims letter) seeking an adjustment for faulty merchandise, _______ the writer should identify the material purchased (e.g., by invoice and serial numbers).
adjustment for damages,
In a letter granting an the writer should strive to regain the reader's lost confidence in the writer's company or other organization.
because of concerns about the applicant's credit record, because the applicant lacks the finances to meet the loan payments
18. A credit-refusal letter may deny credit __________, or because the applicant has asked for more money than the financial institution has. Under routine circumstances, the least likely reason for a credit refusal is that last reason.
friendly reminder, must-pay, and last resort.
A collection letter is part of a planned series of letters, in three phases: ____ ____ _____
indirect sequence
A friendly reminder ____collection letter is in the and comes first in the series of collection letters.
which breaks up the body by inserting headings
23. A memo report or a letter report is a hybrid, adopting some features of written reports into a memo or letter; typically, a memo report or a letter report is a long memo (or a long letter) _________—a feature borrowed from written reports.
bad-news letter in that both are in the indirect sequence
The text of a long formal report is like a __________—that is, neither one states the conclusion in the first paragraph.
two creases, forming three panels of paper.
27. A memorandum or letter folded for insertion into a standard Number 10 envelope should have _____-
use of ALL CAPS throughout the display.
• elimination of all commas and periods, including the comma between the city and the state.
• abbreviation of the state as two letters (not followed by a period),
• use of the ZIP code (preferably the ZIP+4); ZIP is the USPS abbreviation for "Zone Improvement Plan," the United States system of postal codes (postcodes).
28. The United States Postal Service (USPS) guidelines for envelope addresses include