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ENGLISH 11 Literary Terms #6 w/images


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free verse
poetry that doesn't rhyme or have a set meter
sonnet (English & Italian)
• has 14 lines
• is written in iambic pentameter
• each line has 10 syllables
• a turn in a sonnet
• "volta" = "the turn"
• a rhetorical shift or dramatic change in thought and/or emotions
• poems: shift/turn
• a poem that has 6 stanzas
• each stanza has 6 lines
• with a final group of 3 lines
• for a total of 39 lines
• repetition of the final 6 words that recur in the remaining poem give it a rhythmic quality
• but it does not rhyme
• basic function is to highlight an idea
• has 19 lines: 5 tercets, a quatrain & a couplet at the end of the quatrain
• divided into 3 segments
• repeats a few lines throughout
• builds up the intensity and tone of a poem

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