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Global Change
Rising sea levels, increased extraction of fossil fuels, increased contamination, altered biogeochemical cycles, decreased biodiversity, emerging infectious diseases, over harvesting and exploitation of species
Global Climate Change
Increased storm intensity, altered patterns of precipitation and temperature, altered patterns of ocean circulation
Global Warming
Warming of planet's land, air, and water, increased heat waves, decreased cold spells
Greenhouse Warming Potential
Estimates how much a molecule of any compound can contribute to global warming over 100 years compared to a molecule of CO2
Carbon Sequestration
Approach that involves taking CO2 out of the atmosphere. Can store in agricultural soils or retired agricultural land.
A trait the improves an individual's fitness
The percentage of incoming sunlight reflected from a surface
CAFE Standards
Regulations in the United States to improve the average fuel economy of cars and light trucks
Cap and Trade
An approach to controlling CO2 emissions, where a _____ places an upper limit on the amount of pollutant that can be emitted and ______ allows companies to buy and sell allowances for a given amount of pollution
A family of organic compounds whose properties make them ideal for use in refrigeration and air-conditioning.
Greenhouse Effect
the process by which radiation from a planet's atmosphere warms the planet's surface
Greenhouse Gases
A gas in Earth's atmosphere that traps heat near the surface
A compound used in place of CFCs as it is less destrucive to ozone layer
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC)
A scientific body under the UN, dedicated to the task of providing the world with an objective and view on climate change
Kyoto Protical
An international agreement to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases from all industrialized countries
A chemical compound which is a group-14 hydride and it the main constitute of natural gas. Burns holes in ozone layer.
Nitrous Oxide(N2O)
A chemical compound, at room temp is a non-flammable gas, and is used as laughing gas.
Soil Sequestration
When carbon is absorbed by soils and is stored there for the long term
Water Vapor
The gaseous phase of water. It is produced from evaporation or boiling and is located in our atmospshere. Most common greenhouse gas.

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