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Geography Terms 26-50

Review for Geography terms
part of a river where the water flows into another body of water
north pole
the northern end of the earth's axis
a great body of salt water that covers almost 2/3 of the earth's surface
ocean current
a movement of the surface water in a regular pattern, affecting climate
imaginary lines north or south of the equator representing degrees of latitude
land surrounded by water on all sides but one
physical map
a map which shows features of the earth's surface
a broad and flat gently rolling area usually low in elevation
a flat area high above sea level
polar climate
the climate of the earth's polar regions,
characterized by short summers and long winters
political map
a map which shows the boundaries of countries, cities, highways, etc.
moisture in the form of rain,snow, sleet, hail, etc.
prime meridian
the meridian from which longitude is measured both east and west passing through Greenwich, England
a large stream of water that flows into another body of water
a large body of salt water, wholly or partly enclosed by land
the place where a river or stream begins
south pole
the southern end of the earth's axis
a narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water
written or printed marks, letter, figures, etc, used to represent objects or information
tropical climate
the climate of the climates characterized by intense heat, much rain and lack of seasons
tropic of cancer
23 1/2 degrees N the parallel of latitude that is the northern boundary of the torrid zone.
tropic of capricorn
23 1/2 degrees S, the parallel of latitide that is the southern boundary of the torrid zone
the land between hills or mountains.