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Film Studies Vocabulary

Film studies vocabulary

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Low key lighting
Darkness and shadows. Often create suspense/ suspicion
Bottom/side lighting
Direct lighting from below or side. Associated with secrecy, dangerous or evilness, moral ambiguity, slit personalities
Front/rear lighting
Direct lighting from front/ behind. Angelic and innocent expression
Cut between 2 scenes that are happening simultaneously.
Single shot is inserted into a sequence of shots that momentarily interrupt the action. It is usually, although not always, followed by a cut back to the first shot.

Examples: For example, if the main shot is of a man walking down an alley, a possible ___ may include a shot of a cat on a nearby dumpster or a shot of a person watching from a window overhead.
Reverse cutting
Over the shoulder shot showing different people speaking.
Sound that can logically be heard by the characters. Noise in the film.
Sounds that aren't heard by characters in the film. Theme music, voiceover, etc.
overhead shot
this depicts the action or subject from high above, sometimes looking directly down on it
one single object, person, place, etc. that represents an abstract idea. Helps get across the theme.
a unifying idea that is a recurrent element in a literary or artistic work
verbal irony
occurs when what is said contradicts what is meant or thought
static character
a character that does not change from the beginning of the story to the end
dynamic character
A character who grows, learns, or changes as a result of the story's action
a reference to something literary, mythological, or historical that the author assumes the reader will recognize
A literary work in which characters, objects, or actions represent abstractions. Multiple layers of meaning.
Linear Narrative
a narrative that goes in chronological order.
Nonlinear Narrative
a narrative that goes out of chronological order.

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