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Short Story

a brief work of narrative fiction meant to be reading in one sitting

Plot -

The sequence of events, what happens in the story

Plot Diagram -

an outline or framework for a story

Character -

a person, animal, or imaginary creature in a story

Dynamic Character -

character that changes and grows (in beliefs, actions or thoughts) during the story

Static Character -

character who remains the same throughout the story

Setting -

time, place of a story

Conflict -

problem or struggle between opposing forces

External Conflict -

character struggles with an outside force
Person vs. Person Person vs. Nature Person vs. Fate Person vs. Society

Internal Conflict-

character struggles with an inside force (needs, desires, emotions) Person vs. Self

Exposition -

the background; characters, setting, and conflict are introduced

Rising Action -

the episodes or events leading up to the climax, suspense and interest builds

Suspense -

feelings of tension or interest, the turning point

Climax -

point of highest tension or interest, the turning point of the story

Falling Action -

episodes after the climax, before the resolution; events showing the effects or results of the climax; events are unwinding

Resolution -

the solution to the central conflict of the story; most of the conflicts are resolved;the story comes to a reasonable ending

Point of View -

From whose perspective the story is told

First person (point of view) -

character in the story tells the story,

Third Person (point of view) -

narrator tells the story-someone outside the story

Mood -

overall feeling of a story (scary, funny, sad, inspiring)

Theme -

the author's message about life or human nature

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