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Old Man and the Sea (McCosh)

Comprehension review

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What is the old man's name?
Where does this story take place?
Which baseball player does the old man refer to as "the great _______"?
Joe DiMaggio
What does the old man use as a metaphor for the sea?
a woman
The boy constantly compares the old man's actions to those of...
a seagull.
Hemingway says everything about Santiago is old except what?
his eyes
Of what did Santiago always dream?
How do the other men in town refer to the sea?
la mar or masculine
What did Manolin give Santiago two of before he left?
Why does Manolin no longer fish with Santiago?
his parents told him to fish with others
Where is Santiago originally from?
Canary Islands
What does Santiago refer to as aqua mala, the *****?
Portuguese Man-of-war
In his youth, on what kind of ship did he work?
How deep was the line on which the marlin bit?
400 fathoms
Santiago thought the light of what city would guide him home?
Why does Santiago hope the marlin will jump?
it will fill its air sacks and not be able to dive deep
What humiliating thing happens to Santiago's left hand while he is tracking the marlin?
it cramps
What does Santiago see that makes him realize "no man was ever alone on the sea"
a flock of ducks
How many feet longer than Santiago's skiff is the marlin?
How long did Santiago's arm-wrestling match last?
all day and all night
What was Santiago called after his arm-wrestling match
The Champion
What does Santiago do to increase drag on the boat?
ties two oars together across the stern