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Storytelling for Oppositionists and Others

Richard Delgado
Storytelling for Oppositionists and Others
Richard Delgado; Stories are powerful means for destroying mindset

Stories are told by "ingroups" and "outgroups"

"ingroups" : assert their superior position

Storytelling and Counterstorytelling are community building and they generate consensus

Counterstories engage conscience and stir imagination

These narratives can show us the way out of unjustified exclusion

There are many types of storytelling
Told by "ingroups". Most public type of story, most well known, told and passed down by the dominant group, embellish the dominant group; story of the American dream, meritocracy, justice.
told by "outgroups". Story that opposes and responds to an existing story.
Why should "outgroups" tell stories and why should others listen?
Psychic Self Preservation: Healing Aspect

As means of lessening their own subordination: counterstories attack complacency

Oldest, most primordial ground in human experience, most effective means of overcoming otherness, COMMUNITY

Others should listen to enrich their own realities and overcome ethnocentrism and overcome the conviction that our way of seeing the world is not the only one