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Choroid Plexus

The sites of CSF formation are the _______.

lateral ventricles, third ventricles, and fourth ventricles

Special tiny capillaries are located in the walls of the _________, _________ and _________.

ependymal cells

Cells that line the ventricles have cilia that move the CSF and are called ________.

Septum pellucidum

The two lateral ventricles are separated by a thin membrane called the __________.

Third Ventricle

CSF flows by cilia movement from the two lateral ventricles through the interventricular foramen to the _______.

Cerebral aqueduct

From here, the CSF flows through the _________ into the fourth ventricle.


CSF is now located in the ___________ space around the brain, and circulated all around the cerebrum and cerebellum.

median apertures and subarachnoid

CSF continues to flow into the inner part of the spinal cord by flowing through the tiny _________ of the spinal cord, as well as around the exterior of the spinal cord in the _______ space.

arachnoid vili

Because CSF is continually being made at the rate of about 20 mL/hr, it has to exit back into the bloodstream by being reabsorbed through the _______ that protrude into the dural venous sinuses.

superior sagittal sinus

The venous sinus that overlies the brain superiorly is called the ________.

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