ENVS 212 — Lecture 1

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Misconception #1•*Evolution* and *natural selection* are the *same thing* >>Natural selection is *ONE mechanism* by which evolution occurs, but natural selection and evolution are *NOT one and the same* >>Evolution is simply *genetic change through time*, to deny evolution is to deny genetic change occurs >>But, *MUCH evolution* occurs due to *natural selection*Misconception #2•*Individual organisms* undergo biological evolution >>*Populations* or *groups of organisms* undergo evolution >>In biology, the change of individual organisms through their lifetime is termed "*development*"Misconception #3•*Evidence* for evolution is *limited*, it is only an *unsubstantiated theory* >>*Evidence* for evolution is *abundant*, stemming from numerous sources such as from the *fossil records*, *DNA* and *genomic data*, and *direct observations* in contemporary timeMisconception #4•Evolution occurs within species, but it *cannot explain* the *origin of new species* >>As for studies within species, there is *abundant evidence* that *NEW species form* via evolutionDevelopment•The *change* of *individual organisms* through their lifetimeThree Examples of Evidence for Evolution•*Antibiotic resistance* •*Pesticide resistance* •*Experimental evolution studies* in the laboratoryEvolution by Natural Selection in the LaboratoryEvidence for Evolution Through Fossil Records•*MISCONCEPTION*: There *aren't any intermediate forms* between major animal groups, and there are *few "missing links"* >>*MANY intermediate forms* and "*missing links*" have been found, with more found all the time