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Fort Sumter
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What state produced 2x the manufactured goods as the south?New YorkWhat did the north have that made it easy to move troops and suppliesRailwaysSouthern AdvantagesThey were more accustomed to 1) Outdoor life 2)Firearms 3)horses and they were fighting for 1) Their homeland 2) Their familiesWhat were the southern generals that graduated from West Point?Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Stonewall JacksonSecond capital of the ConfederacyRichmond VirginiaWho won the First Battle of Bull Run?ConfederacyExplain: "Look, there is Jackson with his Virginians, standing like a stone wall against the enemy."It's were Stonewall Jackson got his name.A sunken Union vessel the confederacy found, raised, and covered in iron and renamed it.Merrimac/VirginiaThe Union's Ironclad vessel that fought with the VirginaMonitorWho was nicknamed "Unconditional Surrendered"Ulysses S. GrantWho won the second Battle of Bull Run?The ConfederacyWhat was the bloodiest day of the civil war?The Battle of Antietam. 5000 people died and 18000 people were wounded.What was announced on January 1, 1863?The Emancipation Proclamation that announced that slaves should be "Then, thence forward, and forever Free"What was the most decisive battle of the war?The Battle of GettysburgIdentify: Four score and seven years ago....can long endure"The Gettysburg Address. Abraham LincolnExplain: Sherman's march to the seaHe went from Chattanooga to Atlanta then took Savannah, Columbia and finally surrendered near Durham North CarolinaWhat happened April 9, 1865?Grant and Lee met at Appomattox Court House to discuss terms of surrender.Grants terms of surrender:1)Lee's troops were to be patrolled 2)Lee's troops got to keep their weapons and their horses 3)Lee got to keep his swordWho won the Civil War?The UnionHow did the North finance the war?Increased Taxes and selling War BondsExplain: My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or destroy slavery"Lincoln wanted to save preserve the country and he didn't care if he ended slavery or not.Who won the election of 1864?Abe LincolnWho started the American Red Cross?Clara BartonWhat motto first appeared on coins during the Civil WarIn God We TrustHow many Americans died in the war?600,000How many Union soldiers died in battle?110,000How many Union soldiers died of disease?250,000How many Confederate Soldiers died in the war?258,000What were the freed slaves called?FreedmenWhat group would have cooperated with Lincolns reconstruction plan? Which group would have not cooperated?Conservatives. RadicalsWho became president when Lincoln was assassinated?Andrew JohnsonWhat did the 13th amendment do?Abolished slaveryWhat did the 14th amendment do?Gave citizenship to freedmenWhat did the 15th amendment do?Gave former slaves the right to voteWho was the first president to be impeached?Andrew JohnsonWho won the election of 1868Ulysses S. GrantWho was elected President in 1876Rutherford B. HayesExplain: Compromise of 1877Hayes would be elected if 1)All troops were removed from the south 2)At least one southerner was on the cabinet 3)federal money be given for development in the southWhat were northern politicians who went after the south called?Carpet BaggersWhat were southerners that helped carpetbaggers called?ScalawagsWhat act restored political acts to those who cooperated with the confederacy?Amnesty ActWhat were the taxes that you had to pay to vote calledPoll taxes