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The 5 different ways to be nominated

1. self announcement
2. caucus
3. convention
4. direct primary
5. petition

Types of primaries

direct, open, closed, runoff, nonpartisan

Australian Ballot

1. printed at public expense
2. list names of all candidates
3. given out only at polls
4. market in secret

When are national elections held

1st Tuesday following 1st Monday in November every even number year

When are state elections held

@ same time as nation elections and/or spring

The importance of money in the election process

Money allows for more campaigning and publicity

Major sources of campaign funding in America

Public funding and private givers

The job of the Federal Election Commission

1. Requires timely disclosure of campaign finance data
2. Place limites on campaign contributions and expenditures
3. Provide public funding for several parts of the Presidential election process

How public opinion is measured


The function of interest groups

1. Stimulate interest in public affairs and allow participation
2. Represent people who share attitudes, not necessarily geography
3. Provide useful and detailed information to government officials
4. Watchdogs

How are interest groups different from PAC's

Interest groups are private and political parties are more public

Persuasive techniques used by interest groups, especially lobbying

propaganda, public protest, lobbying- present expert testimony in congress and use mass media

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