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Cryptid Hunters Novel Review

Where is the Omega Opportunity Preparatory School located?
Where were Mr. and Mrs. O'Hara last seen?
The Amazon
Dr. Beasel told the twins there was a conflagration which is another way of saying...
a destructive fire
We know Marty and Grace can't be identical twins because these three physical traits are different.
color of their hair, color of their eyes, and their heights
What did Marty and Grace to do seal a promise?
They squeezed Monkey's arm
Grace kept journals written in these notebooks made in Italy.
Marty said he had seen Grace really angry three times: once when he put a snake in her bed, once when he peeked in her Moleskine, and...
once when he hid a bucket of cow manure in her closet.
What kind of doctor was Travis Wolfe?
A veterinarian
How many dollars had Marty lost to Grace in bets (including the last one that their uncle would not be the one picking them up at the airport).
Who was Natasha?
Noah Blackwood's Caspian tiger
What was unique about Natasha?
Caspian tigers were thought to be extinct.
When Phil and Bertha were flying the twins to Cryptos, what did Grace see in the water?
A red kayak
Grace was afraid of everything, but Marty was only afraid of...
Wolfe's island is called Cryptos Island. What does Cryptos mean?
Who is PD?
Wolfe's black teacup poodle
Where was Grace hiding when she saw Marty berating the squid and picking his nose?
Up the stairs of the library among the books
How did Dr. Laurel Lee get onto Cryptos Island?
She was the person in the red kayak that was rescued.
Why was Laurel Lee asking Travis Wolfe about Noah Blackwood?
She had taken the dinosaur egg to him, and when she got it back, he sent people after her.
Before Laurel Lee was an anthropologist, what did she do?
Walked the high wire in the circus
How did Laurel Lee get the egg?
Masalito gave it to her as a going-away present.
What had Blackwood hired Travis Wolfe to do?
Catch a great white shark
What do Dr. Lee and Grace do when they are scared or stressed?
They both faint.
How big was the Mokele-mbembe?
It was a little bigger than an elephant.
Where is the Mokele-mbembe supposed to be located?
The Congo
When Marty went "exploring" on the island, why did he jump into the lake?
He thought he was being chased by Bigfoot (but it was really just Bo, the chimpanzee.)
When Marty was in the lake he thought he was being attacked by...
How does Wolfe keep up with what is happening in the air, in the canopy of the trees, and underwater?
The animals (Bo, Vid, and the dolphins) all wear video cameras.
What did Wolfe find when he went to the Amazon to search for Mr. and Mrs. O'Hara?
Mr. O'Hara's backpack.
What was in the backpack?
Their father's Moleskine, camp stove, and the Mother's Day card and picture they had sent.
What was the QAQ (the one place Marty could NEVER get into)?
Question and Answer Quonset
What did Laurel tell Grace she did to overcome her fears?
She pretended she was walking on the high wire.
When Blackwood introduced the panda cubs at his Ark, what lie did he tell the people and reporters?
The cubs were triplets.
What was Bertha's job before working for Wolfe?
She was an Army Ranger (a general).
How did Bo get loose in the airplane?
Marty had let her out and forgot to lock the cage.
Marty knew what to do when they fell out of the plane because...
his father had secretly taken him skydiving.
When Marty landed in the water, what was nibbling on his leg?
What did Grace follow in the jungle?
The gray parrot
Where did Wolfe want Marty and Grace to get to in the jungle?
The Skyhouse
What did the people in the Liboko village want to know about Wolfe?
They wanted to know how his leg grew back.
What did Marty and Luther steal at the dairy farm?
A bull they named Bill.
What was the name of the pocket computer?
When Grace crawled through the tunnel after PD and the parrot what grabbed her as she came out?
When Marty and Grace got to the Skyhouse, how did they get the lock open?
Grace used a knife and paperclip to unlock it.
Why did Marty throw his cap up into the dark Skyhouse before he went in?
He knew Bo would go after it and he wanted to make sure it was safe to go in.
On the first morning in the Skyhouse, what did Marty make Grace for breakfast?
Green eggs and mamba
When Marty went to get their supplies, Grace went to the second floor of the Skyhouse. What did she see there that caused her to faint?
the nursery
What happened to Grace while she was unconscious?
Butch McCall kidnapped her and took her to his camp.
What is a molimo?
A hollow log-looking instrument that makes a very deep sound. It was used to call Masalito.
When Grace was in what Butch thought was a coma, what was she actually doing?
She was remembering her nightmare and realizing that Wolfe was her father not her uncle.
Who did Butch tell Grace her grandfather is?
Noah Blackwood