Chapter 2 Culture


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What are the determinants of health?
legislation, health care services, social factors, occupational status, environment, lifestyles, biology and​ g​eneti​cs
Define culture.
learned, shared, adapted, dynamic
Define ethnicity.
group that possesses traits like geographic religion, religion, language, tradition, food preferences
Define religion.
organized system of beliefs
Define spirituality.
born out of unique life experiences
Define socialization.
acquiring culture from being raised in a certain culture
What is cultural care?
care that is culturally sensitive, appropriate, and competent
What are the causes of illness?
∙ biomedical or scientific: cause and effect, germ theory, break the body down
∙ naturalistic or holistic: found in Asians and Indians, human life is only one aspect of nature and a part of the order of cosmos; forces of nature must be kept in balance; yin and yang- health is when you are in perfect balance; hot/cold- treatment of disease from adding or subtracting hot and cold
∙ magicoreligious: forces for good and evil, magic, voodoo