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mandibular 1st premolar

mandibular 1st premolar
#21, #28, resembles canine, bicuspid- buccal cusp and lingual cusp
buccal cusp
is the functional centric cusp
lingual cusp
two types
transverse ridge and no transverse ridge
which cusp is the largest?
the facial cusp
what anatomy does the facial cusp have?
2 developmental grooves, cusp towards mesial,
which cusp ridge is shorter than the other cups ridge in the facial aspect?
mesiobuccal cusp ridge is shorter than distobucco cusp ridge
lingual aspect
mesial lingual groove, nonfunctional ligual cusp varies in size, lingual cusp towards distal, mesial marginal ridge and lingual cusp devided by mesiolingual groove
proximal aspect
mesial crest of curvature deeper, mesiolingual developmental groove, mesial marginal ridge has extreme lingual slop, mesial develpmental groove is present between mesial marginal ridge and mesiolingual cusp. facial cusp centered over root, looks tipped toward lingual
occlusal aspect
facial cusp dominates, rounded diamond outline, mesiolingual longer, trasnverse ridge from facial to lingual cusp or not
transvers ridge on 1st premolar if
shallow central groove
if there is a very prominent central groove then there will be no
transverse ridge
1st mand premolard teh grooves are
well defined, the mesiolingual groove, central and mesial and distal grooves, Mesiofacial, mesiolingual, distofacial, distolingual, transverse, pit/fossae-mesial pit, distal pit
1st mand premolar root n pulp
is aligned to facial in mandible, bulky cone shape root,
root has what type of grooves
longitudinal grooves, deep developmental groove on mesial aspect of the root
root may deviate to
root is approx ___mm shorter than root of canine
3-4mm, 1-2 pulp horns 1 root canal
height of countour
facial in cervical 3rd, lingual in middle 3rd
amount of countour
facial is .5mm lingual is more than .5mm, 4 lobes
mand 2nd premolars
20 and 29. more equal sized cusps
mand 2 premolars have 3 types of cusps
y-type, h-type, u-type, 2 developmental grooves, distal cusps ridge is facial cups i longer
3 cusps
2 cusp
least common, 2 cusp
which cusp rdige of facial cusps is longer?
distal cusp ridge
lingual aspect 2nd premolars mand
h-type, u type have one lingual cusp, y type has two lingual cusp ml& dl...and lingual groove
Facial cusp leans towards
whole tooth tiltis to blank in jaw
mesial crest is
facial cusp slightly
u type, htype(2 cusps) 2 triangular ridges
groove central (m & D), marginal (M&D), pits fossae m & D
y types
3 cusps, grooves, central m & d, margincal m& d, lingual, pits fossae, m d central, only on central groove
single root blunt, bulk, may devate to distal, longitudinal groove. one pulp horn per cusp or 3
one root conal
larger and longer root than mand 1st
height of contour
fcat, laugh much lingual midddle third
amount of countour
f-.5mm > .5 mm