20 terms

preterite and imperfect 3rd person singular


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He was tired.
Estaba cansado.
She threw the book.
Tiró el libro.
The coffee was cold.
El café estaba frío.
There was a dog.
Había un perro.
While he was walking
Mientras andaba (caminaba)
He opened
She watched the cat..
Miró el gato.
He was tall.
Era alto.
She was short.
Era baja.
He ate 3 tacos.
Comió 3 tacos.
He was writing.
She watched Barney a lot.
Miraba Barney mucho.
She watched Barney yesterday (ayer).
Miró Barney ayer.
His name was Ralph.
Se llamaba Ralph.
He had a girlfriend.
Tenía una novia.
She was sleeping
He traveled to Mexico.
Viajó a Mexico.
She left
It was sunny.
Hacía sol.
He opened the window.
Abrió la ventana.