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The Old Man and the Sea

These bits of information will help learners in answering objective questions related to characters, concepts, and places, in Ernest Hemingway's novella, The Old Man and the Sea.

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He is the old man in the novella. He is the protagonist who catches a huge marlin.
It is the worst form of being unlucky. Santiago is considered salao because he doesn't get any fish for eighty-four days.
He is a little boy who is with Santiago. He is very kind and always cares for him.
He is the owner of the restaurant who gives food and drink on credit to Santiago and Manolin.
It is a huge fish that Santiago catches. But, the sharks attack the fish and eat a large portion of it.
Mako Shark
It is the first shark that attacks the marlin. But the old man manages to kill it.
It is the land that Santiago often dreams of. He visited this place in his childhood and saw lions playing on the beach.
He is a famous baseball ball hero whose father was a fisherman. Santiago always praises him.

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