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EPPP Phys. Psych. & Psychopharm. Part 1

general adaptation syndrome (GAS)
general adaptation syndrome stages
alarm reaction, resistance, exhaustion
5 stages
beta waves
alert, fully awake state
alpha waves
awake, rested, relaxed state
theta waves
deep relaxation, light sleep
delta waves
deep sleep
NREM sleep
stages 1-4
stage 1
alpha waves replaced by theta waves
stage 2
theta waves, interrupted by sleep spindles and K complexes
sleep spindles
rapid, rhythmic brain wave activity
K complexes
large negative wave followed by a smaller positive one
stage 3
large, slow delta waves
stage 4
"deep sleep"
stage 4
delta waves
most dreaming
REM sleep
physiological responses similar to awake
REM sleep
muscles in state of flaccid paralysis
REM sleep
paradoxical sleep
paradoxical sleep
called this because of combo of physiological activity and deep sleep
stage 3 and 4 sleep
decreases throughout night
REM sleep
increases throughout night
time of all 5 stages together
90-100 min
2-3 months
begin with REM sleep, gradually changes to NREM sleep
stage 4 sleep and REM sleep
decrease from childhood to adulthood
newborn's REM
50% of total sleep time
6 month REM
30% of total sleep time
adult's REM
20% of total sleep time
stage 4
sleep terrors and sleepwalking occur