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SDC 350 Unit 5


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Vanna Venturi House, Venturi, Philadelphia PA, Postmodern (1964)
Portland Public Services Building, Graves, Portland OR, Postmodern
Sunar Furniture Showroom, Graves, New York NY, Postmodern
Bel Air Armchair, Shire, Postmodern
Centre Pompidou, Rogers and Piano, Paris France, Late Modern High Tech
Louvre Museum Glass Pyramid, Pei, Paris France, Late Modern Minimalist
High Museum of Art, Meier, Atlanta GA, Late Modern Minimalist
Aeron Chair, Chadwick and Stumpf, Late Modern High Tech
Weyerhaeuser Corporation Headquarters, Walker, Federal Way WA, Environmental Modern
Thorncrown Chapel, Jones and Jennings, Eureka Springs AK, Environmental Modern
Chapel of St. Ignatius at Seattle University, Holl, Seattle WA, Environmental Modern
Morning Sun, Castle, Gold-Gilded Fiberglass, Environmental Modern
Walt Disney Concert Hall, Gehry, Los Angeles CA, Neo-Modern

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