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less is a bore
design considered to be garish, but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or sentimental way
Ieoh Ming Pei
Chinese-American Architect.
Designs relate to Bauhaus and International Style in its geometry and minimalism, but maintains unique expression.
Steel, glass, stone and concrete.
Richard Meier
American Architect.
Late Modern Minimalist.
Richard Rogers
British Architect.
Robert Venturi
Revolutionary American postmodern architect.
"great buildings were complicated responses to all kinds of situations, not pieces of abstract sculpture indifferent to their surroundings."
"Father of Postmodernism."
Michael Graves
American Postmodern architect.
Did work for Disney.
Complex segmentation and repetition of geometry and pattern.
Late modern High tech
• Designers celebrate technology
• Industrial concepts and building systems as ornament
late modern minimalist
• Designs stripped to their fundamentals
• Simplify and eliminate all non-essentials
Late modern pop modern
• Transitions directly from Pop Art, transforms low art and pop culture into high art *branding
• Youthful, hip, exciting and colorful interiors and furniture
Green Roof
Roofs covered with vegetation and growing medium "Living Roofs"
• Planted over waterproof membrane, drainage challenges
not interested in reforming society, nor accommodating human concerns... designs are personal statements.
Synthetic Cubism
Neo Modernism is inspired by this.
Metal Quilting
warping metal
environmental modern
Green Design, Sustainable Design, Eco Design.
Peter Walker
American Landscape Architect.
Fay Jones
American Architect and designer.
designed Thorncrown Chapel.
Steven Holl
American architect and watercolorist.
Designed chapel of St. Ignatius.
Wendell Castle
American Furniture Designer.
Father of Art Furniture Movement.