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World health organization
"Who" does what
Established codes to define specific infectious diseases, parasites, symptoms, and causes of death
How often does cms review the ICD-10-CM coding manual
Every year October 1st
Which letter in the ICD-10-CM is reserved by WHO to assign new diseases of the unknown etiology
How are sub-terms arranged in the alphabetic index of disease and injury
Indented one space to the right under essential modifiers (two spaces)
What does code first indicate
Indicates that the underlying condition must be sequenced first before manifestation code
What does the note/instruction "see also" and "see" mean
"See" means directs coder to another main term and "see also" indicates another main term may be checked
Section 1 of coding guidelines
Structure and conventions
Section 3 of coding guidelines
Reporting additional diagnosis in outpatient settings
Second most common document where you can extract diagnostic statements
Treatment and progress notes
Ca in situ
Term that describes a malignant neoplasms site where there is no invasion of surrounding tissues
When are conditions that occur during or following medical care or surgery classified as complications
Two criteria must be met: a cause and effect relationship must be established and documentation must indicate that the condition is a complication
code for gestational diabetes
Subcategory O24.4
The period from the last month of pregnancy to 5 months postpartum
In complication code the 7th code is for
Fetus identification
Babies are considered newborn or perinatal for their first
28 days
How are burns coded
Codes by site, degree, and the body surface. All burn cases should have at least 2 codes 3rd is if wound is infected
Patient takes less of a medication than is prescribed by the provider
When is code Z37 used
Outcome of delivery and live born infant code
The cause of a disorder