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  1. Distance decay
  2. Total fertility rate
  3. Migration
  4. Intranational refugees
  5. Activity (action) space
  1. a aversge of number of children born to a woman during her lifetime, as expressed for a total population.
  2. b a change in residence intended to be permanent
  3. c the space within which daily activity occurs
  4. d the various degenerative effects of distance on human spatial structures and interactions
  5. e refugees who have abandoned their town or village but not their village

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  1. the number of people per unit area of arable land
  2. migration to a distant destination that occurs in stages
  3. the study of patterns and rates of population change, including birth and death rates, migration trends, and evolving population distribution patterns.
  4. distance measurment not in linear terms such as miles or kilometers but but in terms such as cost and time
  5. based on western europes expeirience of changes in population growth exhibited by countries undergoing industrialization .

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  1. Absolute directiona compass direction such as north or south


  2. Cyclic movementmovement- for example, nomadic migration-- a closed route repeated annually or seasonally


  3. Permanent refugeesrefugees who have been substantially integrated into the host country or host region and who are thus seen as long-term visitors


  4. Infant mortalitydescribes the number of babies that die within the first year of their lives


  5. Natural increasethe time required for a population to double in size.


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