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What does Atticus do for a living?

He's a lawyer

What's Scout's real name?

Jean Louise

What's the setting of the story?

Maycomb County, Alabama 1930's

What's the housekeeper's name?


Who is the dirtiest kid?

Burris Ewell

Who's Dill?

Jem and Scout's Summer neighbor and crony who becomes interested in Boo Radley

Who's house is haunted?

Boo Radley's

Who's the meanest lady?


What deal did Mrs.Dubose make with Atticus?

Read but not tell

Who's house burned down?

Miss Maudies

What's Boo's real name?


Who's the brother?


What 3 things did the kids find when they looked in the keyhole?

Chewing gum package Spelling Medal A pocketwatch

Who's the teacher?

Miss Caroline

What grade is Scout in?

2nd grade

Where does Dill live?

Meridian Mississippi

How old are Jem and Scout?

12 and 7

Who leaves the gifts in the hole?

Boo Radley

Why were Jem's pants gone?

He took them off because they got caught in the fence

What did Scout and Jem leave in the keyhole?

A letter

Why did Dill lie?

They didnt want to get in trouble

Who's the narrator?


What medal did they find in the hole?

A spelling medal

What kind of dolls were in the hole?


What kind of weather happened after Mrs. Radley died?

It snowed

Why did Atticus wake Jem and Scout up late at night?

Because Miss Maudies house set on fire

Why did they remake the snowman?

They made Mr.Avery look ugly

Who did Atticus take in as a client?

Tom Robinson

How did Cecil Jones annoy Scout?

He made fun of her dad

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