Comm 241 test #1

Reasons we communicate
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¥ Lean communication (vs. rich): Lack of nonverbal, clarity, immediate feedback.
¥ No Real Time: Asynchronous v. Synchronous
¥ Disinhibition: less cautious, blunt, low self-monitoring
¥ Hyperpersonal Communication: Accelerates discussing personal topics, relational development.
¥ Impression Management: best foot forward.
¥ Potential for More Relationship and Enrichment Messages
¥ Superficial Relationships: (Dunbar's 150 sustainable number)
¥ Social Isolation: Needs met online and look no further
¥ Relational Deterioration: face to face relationships are negatively affected by media use
¥ Deception: Scams, schemes, etc.
¥ Stalking and Harassment: Cyberbullying
¥ Invasion of Privacy: No true "personal" message
Self Concept - Somewhat stable set of perceptions you hold about yourself including physical, emotional, talents, likes, dislikes, values, and roles.
The "Self" creates identity and comes from:
Reflected appraisal - what we think others think or say
Social comparison - evaluation with others: better or worse
Distorted self-evaluation:
Obsolete information - based on a past that has changed
Distorted feedback -
Social expectations

the relatively stable set of perceptions you hold of yourself