Wordly Wise: List 2-Book 10

15 terms by Areygirl202

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To hear and decide judicially; to judge


A 100th anniversary or its celebration


1. A person's face; the expression on a person's face
2. Support or approval
3. To support or approve; to tolerate


To make dissatisfied; to put in a bad mood


A state of balance


To speed up a process; to facilitate


1. To encircle, bind, or surround
2. To get ready for action; to brace


1. Not called for; unnecessary
2. Without charge; free.


Unreal or imagined; deceiving


Incapable of being replaced, soothed, or significantly changed; relentless


1. A source of light, especially from the sky, such as the sun or moon
2. A person who is well known for her of his achievements; a celebrity


A public statement explaining the intentions, motives, or views of an individual or group


To fascinate or hypnotize


An act or statement that may serve as an example or justification for a later one


Not genuine; false

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