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Poli Amendments

14th Amendment
Extends the rights of citizenship to all those born in the United States and those who have become citizens through naturalization. States cannot deny US citizenship to those born in the US, due process of the law.
19th Amendment
All female citizens have the right to vote.
17th Amendment
Senators are elected by citizens rather than by state legislatures.
18th Amendment
Prohibition; outlawed manufacturing, selling, or transport of alcohol.
21st Amendment
Repealed the 18th, Prohibition.
22nd Amendment
Established a two-term limit for the presidency.
25th Amendment
The Vice President becomes president if the president dies.
26th Amendment
Guarantees citizens 18 or older the right to vote.
5th and 6th Amendments
Right to a Fair Trial and Right to counsel. These established the rules for conducting a trial. bars double jeopardy and rights to a speedy and public trial
8th Amendment
Protection against cruel and unusual punishment
2nd Amendment
Right to Bear arms.