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When the sun heats up bodies of water and the molecules dance so fast that they turn into water vapor.


Up in the clouds, the air is cold so that makes the molecules dance slower and turns back into liquid form.


The clouds are filled with so much liquid that it cannot hold it anymore and pours down to the ground. This includes sleet, hail, snow or rain.

Run off

Gravity causes liquid water to flow toward the sea


Water Vapor is realeased from stomata (holes) in plant leaves

Dew Point

The temperature at which water vapor in the air becomes saturated and water droplets begin to form.

Air Temperature

A measure of how cold or hot the air is around us, it is usually measured with °C.

Relative Humidity

The percentage of water vapor in the air compared to the maximum amount the air can hold.

Wind Speed

This is a measure of how fast the wind is going, it is measured with km/h.

Wind Direction

The wind in which it comes from it, so we name the wind after where it blows from.

Barometric pressure

Pressure caused by the weight of the atmosphere. It decreases with increasing altitude.


Measures wind speed
See how many turns it makes in one minute.


Measure air temperature
See how far up the liquid goes up the straw.


Measures barometric pressure
If the indicator points to high, then there is good weather, low then there is going to be bad weather.

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