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When does the story take place?
The end of August, around the 1950's.
What work did Panchito do?
He picked strawberries for 12 hours every day.
Why was Panchito sad?
Because he had to move.
What did Panchito's father do before he bought "Carcanchita"? What did he want to know about the car?
He examined it and looked at many other cars. He wanted to know who the owner had been before him.
What did the father find in the backseat of "Carcanchita"? What conclusions did he draw from this?
He found a blue tie. He thought the owner must have been someone important.
How can the reader tell that Roberto is older than Panchito?
Roberto carries the larger boxes.
What is the mother's prized possession? What is it like?
Her pot. It is old, galvanized, and full of dents and nicks.
How did Panchito feel when he and his family left the chocita?
When did Panchito and his family arrive at Fresno?
At sunset.
What could the mother do that the father could not do?
Speak English.
What did the house they were told to look for look like?
It was a big white house with a fence around it.
Where could Panchito and his family stay?
The garage.
What did the garage look like?
It was old, eaten by termites, the walls could barely hold up the leaky roof, it didn't have windows and the floor was covered with dirt.
How did the family prepare the garage to live in?
Roberto swept the floor, the father filled the holes in the walls with old newspapers and pieces of tin, and they brought in the mattress and set in in a corner.
Where did everyone sleep that night?
The mother and the children slept on the mattress; Panchito, Roberto, and the father slept outside beneath the trees.
What could Panchito do once it was November?
Go to school.
What did he do when he woke up the first day of school?
He woke up early and watched the stars, enjoying the thought that he didn't have to work and was going to start sixth grade.
Why did he feel bad for Roberto?
Roberto couldn't go to school and had to work.
When will Roberto go to school?
February, when the cotton season ends.
How did Panchito feel when he got to school?
What did he see when he looked out the window of the bus?
A crowd of children.
Why was Panchito startled in the office?
Nobody had spoken English to him in months.
What did he have to do before eventually going to his classroom?
Answer a lot of impertinent questions.
Who is Señor Lema? What did he do when Panchito arrived?
He is the sixth grade teacher. He greeted Panchito, assigned him a desk, and presented him to the class.
How was Panchito feeling when he got to class?
Nervous and scared.
What did the class do after the teacher took role?
Finish the story that they started the day before.
What happened when Señor Lema approached Panchito? How did this make him feel?
The blood rushed to his head. He felt dizzy.
What happened when Panchito opened his book?
His mouth was dry and his eyes began to water.
What did Señor Lema invite Panchito to do?
Go to the music room with him.
What instrument did they begin to play?
The trumpet.
What did Señor Lema offer to do? How did Panchito respond?
Teach him to play the trumpet during lunch. Panchito said yes and couldn't wait to tell his family the news when he got home.