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Geometry Proof Stuff

Definition of Congruent Segments
Segments that have the same length
Definition of Midpoint
M is the midpoint of AB if AM=MB
Definition of Segment Bisector
Any segment, line, or plane that intersects a segment at its midpoint
Right Angle
measure is 90
Definition of Congruent Angles
If m<1=m<2, then <1≅<2
Definition of Angle Bisector
A ray, line, or plane that divides an angle into 2 congruent angles
Vertical Angles are Congruent
Sum Linear Pair Equal 180
Definition of Complementary Angles
Sum of measures is 90
Definition of Supplementary Angles
Sum of measures is 180
Definition of Perpendicular Lines
2 lines that intersect to form right angles
Midpoint Theorem
If M is the midpoint of ---AB, then ---AM≅---MB
Addition Property
If a=b, then a+c=b+c
Subtraction Property
If a=b, then a-c=b-c
Multiplication Property
If a=b, then ac=bc
Division Property
If a=b, and c\=0, then a/c=b/c
Distributive Property
Substitution Property
If a=b, then a may be replaced by b in any equation or expression
Reflexive Property
Symmetric Property
If a=b, then b=a
Transitive Property
If a=b, and b=c, then a=c
Segment Addition Postulate
If B is between A and C, then AB+BC=AC
Congruents of Segments
Reflexive, symmetric, and transitive
Angle Addition Postulate
If R is in the interior of <PQS, then <PQR+<RQS=<PQS
Supplement Theorem
If 2 angles form a linear pair, then the 2 angles are supplementary
Complement Theorem
If the non common sides of 2 adjacent angles form a right angle, then the angles are complementary.
Congruents of Angles
Reflexive, symmetric, transitive
Complementary congruent angles are congruent
Comp ≅ <s ≅
Supplementary congruent angles are congruent
Supp ≅ <s ≅
All right angles are congruent
All rt <s are ≅